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Convenient Online Payments for International Businesses

Online banking has existed for centuries, and it is still often associated with boring bureaucracy, long waiting lines, tons of papers, and other unpleasant things. Previously, it was so challenging to open a business account and request other money services. However, the times change, and modern technology allows for enhancing the online banking experience by making it quicker, cheaper, easier, and more accessible. With Genome, anyone can do business both locally and internationally without any inconveniences. Now, you can open a business account in Romania with ease in only 72 hours.

Opening a Business Account Online

When looking for financial business services, people are often uncertain what type of eWallet they need in the first place. A personal account and a business wallet are different as the first one is suitable for holding personal funds, and the second is a convenient solution for corporate online banking. Taxes play a big role in choosing a fitting electronic wallet as each type is taxed accordingly, and it is not advised to mix personal and corporate money. For a company of any scale, it is definitely necessary to open a business account.

Here is how you can open a corporate account with online banking services:

Go through the registration at Genome by submitting your email, password, and other data for creating a user profile and selecting the business account type.

On the dashboard, complete verification by submitting a photo of your ID to confirm your identity.

Fill in the application form with the details about your company to finish the process.

While traditional financial business services might take weeks to open a business account, with online banking, you can expect to have your account ready in up to 72 hours.

Opening Account with Multiple International Currencies

While online banking has come quite far already, it is important to make sure that your eWallet supports all the necessary currencies. Some electronic wallets are only suitable for one currency or specific ones. When doing business in Europe, it is crucial to have a multi-currency corporate account. Businesses in Romania can benefit from convenient digital wallets that support USD, EUR, and GBP. Financial business solutions by Genome deliver an opportunity to not only have three different currencies in your wallet but also open up to five accounts for each currency. First, you need to open a business account in euros, and then, it is possible to add more for each of the three currencies for simple online banking.

Benefits of Online Financial Solutions

Online banking has numerous advantages apart from opening digital wallets in USD, EUR, or GBP. Here are some other financial business solutions available:

Financial transfers – SWIFT and SEPA transactions are available for international online banking.

Security services – online banking requires potent security measures to guarantee the complete safety of funds, personal information, and corporate data.

Merchant digital services – accessible merchant accounts are available for companies in Europe. This includes easy payments, customer data collection, and analysis, regular reports, etc.

Business features – to make corporate account management easier, there is an opportunity to assign certain employees to different roles and open access to the account.

To make the online banking experience even more accessible and simple, there is Blog Genome available and packed full of useful articles on money transfer systems, contactless payments, useful tips for increasing your security, and more. Genome is one of the leading digital finance companies that deliver convenient financial services and advice all over the globe. Corporate banking has never been easier and more affordable, thanks to customizable solutions developed to suit every company.