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6 Best Italian Restaurants in London, 2022

Forget creamy pasta and pineapple on pizza that can easily get you laughed out of Italy; London is home to some of the best Italian restaurants in the UK. Below is a look at the six best Italian restaurants you should try before the end of 2022.

1. Flour and Grape

Best Italian Restaurant for Classic Pasta Dishes

Flour and Grape’s, located along 214 Bermondsey St, is a must-visit for Londoners who love to indulge in classic pasta dishes. It has a welcoming atmosphere and is renowned for its well-balanced meals having simple starters and traditional Italian pasta flavours.

It’s perfect for date night, thanks to its pleasant, cosy atmosphere that will quickly put your date at ease. Make sure to try their spaghetti with mussels and garlic. You can pair these Italian delicacies with a white wine of your choice. 

2. Bocca di Lupo, Soho

Best Italian Restaurant in 2022 for Familiar Italian Dishes

Take advantage of the amazing London short stay apartments and experience the very best the city has to offer; be sure to head down to Bocca di Lupo, located on 12 Archer Street.

Here, you’ll find this stripped-down family-run trattoria which sits right in the middle of Soho. It’s characterized by a sharing-style menu comprising over 20 core Italian dialects. The menu changes twice a day to accommodate the changing seasons. 

All its dishes are homemade, and it serves everything from gelato to salame. 

3. Noci, Islington

Best Italian Restaurant in 2022 for Comforting Pasta 

If you ever find yourself in the mood for comforting pasta, head down to Noci and enjoy its plentiful portions. Though it’s still a newcomer in the London restaurant scene, its head chef, Louis Korovilas, is a household name, famed for his tasty pasta dishes.

He has previously worked in Michelin-starred restaurants such as Locanda Locatelli. His new venture is ideal for friends, colleagues, and couples who love hanging together around a table as they sample fresh pasta and Sicilian street foods. 

4. Bancone

Best Italian Restaurant for Fresh Pasta 

Anyone who follows the well-known London-based food critics will, without a doubt, have heard of Bancone. It’s a restaurant that has won over all the prominent food critics in the city and has a menu that showcases dishes sourced from all over Italy. 

Furthermore, the restaurant was awarded the esteemed Michelin Bib Gourmand earlier this year. Its pasta is carefully prepared daily, explaining the high number of returning visitors comprising locals and tourists.

5. Ombra

Best Italian Restaurant in 2022 for Its Impressive Italian Foods

Ombra is one of the most overlooked Italian restaurants in London. Today, it’s something of an underdog, not only because of its canal-side location but also because of its unwillingness to pander to merry-go-round customers.

You’ll love it if you love dining at restaurants that can serve food both on a set menu and à la carte.

6. The River Café

Best Italian Restaurant for Superior Ingredients and Swoon-worthy Italian Meals 

The River Café is the oldest Italia restaurant in the city, having been in business for nearly thirty years. Its customers love its superior ingredients and liberal use of freshly sourced ingredients, which helps give its meals a rich flavour.

Its menu boasts some of the best season items, so don’t be afraid to go wild with it.


Londoners have a well-documented history of their love affair with Italian cuisine. And as seen above, there are lots of places to enjoy Italian dishes in the city. Next time you’re on a visit to London, make sure to visit any of the spots mentioned above instead of staying all day indoors.