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Paris Packing List Done Right: How to Pack for Paris in Summer

Paris is known to be one of the most beautiful places in the world, and every year, thousands of tourists visit the place to enjoy its beauty and its glamorous lifestyle. From the Louvre to the Eiffel Tower, there are many places that you can add to your itinerary to enjoy your stay in Paris. While planning the itinerary is fun, making a perfect packing list might get tricky for some people.

The local weather plays a massive role in determining your packing list because your attire must match with the weather. In Paris, the summer fashion is different from the winter fashion, and spring is usually unpredictable. People typically go out in the winter styles during March and April, whereas the weather starts to warm up in May, so you see a mixture of styles for both Warm and Cool days. Whatever the weather is, most people in Paris wear neutral colors and follow the no more than three colors rule. 

The perfect Paris packing list, spring or summer, should include: 

1. Documents & ID

Starting up with the essentials, your documents, and IDs are some things that you can’t afford to leave at your home. Hence, before planning your trip to Paris, make sure these items are packed with you. 

a. Identification

Having identity proof while you are traveling is important and therefore make sure that you have your passport, driver’s license, or a state-specific ID. 

b. Travel insurance & visa 

When you have a travel insurance, you must have the complete contact information for your company and your policy number. Hence, we’d recommend you to save that information on your smartphone before traveling. If you need a travel visa, make sure you get that in advance as well. 

2. What clothes should I wear in Spring & Summer

a. Socks/Gloves

While traveling, you might be standing or sitting for prolonged periods which can cause fluid retention in your hands and lower legs. This can cause edema (colloquially referred to as swelling), hand stiffness, inflammation and more depending on your journey.

b. Scarf

Your scarf can be a great travel companion, especially during summers. It can be used as a great accessory that you can wrap around your neck with a cool outfit or use as a layer that keeps you warm during your flight. 

c. Light Sweater/Coat

The temperatures usually take a dip at night, and having different layers of clothing is never a bad idea. Hence, while you plan to pack your bags for Paris, you should take a light sweater or a coat with you. 

d. Jacket

The unpredictable weather during the spring can make things complicated for you; therefore, you should carry a jacket to stay on the safer side. Guys can wear that on top of their T-Shirts, whereas girls can layer it with a fabulous Maxi dress. 

e. Bathing suit 

Even though Paris doesn’t have any beaches, a bathing suit may come in handy when you want to relax by taking a dip in your Hotel’s swimming pool. If the idea of the pool doesn’t sound good, then you can visit the beaches which are close to Paris. Deauville Beach, Dieppe Beach, and Omaha Beach are some of the well-known beaches around Paris that you can check out during your trip. 

3. Footwear

a. Comfortable Shoes

Many areas in Paris have cobblestone streets, and while they may look great, walking on them might get uncomfortable for many people. This can worsen if you wear shoes that don’t give your legs enough air space or fit you tight. Hence it is recommended that you carry a pair of Comfortable Socks and shoes that allow you to run or walk without putting much stress on your legs. 

b. Summer Sandals

Summer Sandals can go perfectly with a casual outfit, and you can wear them while you are on a sightseeing trip. If rocking shoes aren’t your option, then sandals can be perfect for a comfortable walk around the city. 

c. Ankle Boots

Ankle Boots are an excellent option for spring and summer, especially when paired with the right outfit. Leather ankle boots are popular in Europe, and you’ll see many locals wearing them as well. Since they are comfortable to wear, you can trust on them even when you want to walk around the city. 

4. Personal Items


While no one likes getting sick on vacation, carrying medications becomes important because sometimes they can help you prevent common infections such as cold and cough. It would help if you carried extra meds than the required quantity and if you take any allergy medications, make sure you carry them as well. 

b. Mini first aid kit 

Having a first aid kit is a must. Make sure your first aid kit includes bandages, ibuprofen, and sea/car sickness tablets if needed. 

c. Sleep mask and earplugs

Taking rest becomes essential after a busy, tiring day, and hence it is recommended that you carry a sleep mask for a comfortable sleep. You can also pack some earplugs when you don’t want to get disturbed by the nearby voice. 

5. Toiletries 

While you are packing for your toiletries, always remember that you only pack the essentials and shop for the rest when you land in France. Carrying too many toiletries isn’t a good idea, especially when you are traveling by flight. The basic toiletries that you should carry with you are: 

  • Makeup
  • Deodorant
  • Toothpaste 
  • Toothbrush
  • Grooming kit
  • Towels

6. Electronics 

Life without Electronics is tough because everyone wants to click pictures, check their social media, and share their experiences on the go. To do this, carrying several electronics becomes essential, and they are listed below, 

  • Adapter
  • Power Banks
  • Phone Chargers
  • Laptop Charger ( Only for the people who take a Laptop)
  • Converter
  • Personal WiFi Hotspot or SIM Cards for Internet Access
  • Camera Charger ( For the people who have DSLRs and other professional cameras) 

7. Accessories

a. Backpack/daypack

A backpack is the best option for people who want to travel light. You can fit in all your essentials and carry them without any problems. It can also be helpful to fit in the goods that you shop locally. Hence whenever you are planning a trip, make sure you pack an extra backpack in your luggage that you can use during your sightseeing. 

b. Hands-Free Purse or Bag

Bags that you can cross over your shoulder and tote bags are fashionable, and many tourists are using them these days. You can use these bags to carry your makeup, gadget accessories, and a lot more stuff. 

c. Funky Hat

While ladies prefer to carry a lot of jewelry, guys can go with Funky Hats to make themselves look fashionable. Choose a hat that goes with your style and wear it while moving around the streets of Paris. 

d. Water Bottle

Summer heat may get you tired. To avoid dehydration and other problems, it is always advisable that you carry a Water Bottle with you that you can use in emergencies and keep drinking when you get tired. 

e. Sunglasses 

Sunglasses are a great option to avoid the summer heat, and they even make you look cool. You can use your sunglasses to accessorize your outfit, so carrying them with you won’t do much harm. 

f. an Umbrella/Raincoat

With the unpredictable weather, it’s always better to carry a small umbrella or a raincoat with you that can keep you protected when it rains. 

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