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The Importance of Dedicated Office Space for Your Small Business

In 2022, small and micro businesses account for a massive 99.9% of the UK business population. Clearly, the last two years have been exceptionally challenging times for all small business operations. The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic resulted in nationwide lockdowns and restrictions on movement which had a direct and negative impact on the revenues of millions of small businesses across the UK. This was especially true for small businesses that operated from physical shops as opposed to trading online.

Whilst the pandemic resulted in millions of small business employees working remotely, the restrictions on movement have receded, and lockdowns are much less likely in the future. With the business landscape moving back to pre-covid forms of operation, many small business owners are looking to get dedicated office space for their employees. This article seeks to explain the value of having dedicated office space for your small business in 2022. 

Teamwork and Collaboration

Whilst the pandemic demonstrated that remote working was a viable option, it is clearly not the best way to cultivate teamwork and collaboration within small groups. Many employees will have experienced virtual meetings and conferences held online during the pandemic. Whilst these still have a valid place, they are not as effective in cultivating teamwork as a physical place of work can be. Variable internet connections and IT equipment can often lead to such meetings being patchy in quality, with occasional poor audio quality and difficulties in hearing everything that’s said. In short, virtual spaces have some distinct disadvantages to being together in a real-world office. To be physically present in one space as a team encourages the sharing of ideas and problem-solving far more effectively. 

Professional Image

Having a managed office space is also a key way to promote a professional image for your organisation. Your company logo or signage will be on the premises, which will show the wider public that your small business is a professional operation and may even lead to increased business due to the improved visibility of your organisation.

It can also be hugely important to have a business address for correspondence sent and received from your company. When customers and third parties receive mail from your firm, it’s far better for them to see a business address than a residential one. Immediately, they have the impression that the correspondence has come from a professional business rather than a home-operated firm or micro business. 

Identity and Culture

With a physical office location comes the increased ability to build a strong corporate identity and culture. Many employees who worked remotely during the pandemic may have sat inhome offices in their pyjamas whilst undertaking their daily tasks. Having a physical office means that your staff will dress appropriately for work and look far more professional. In addition, leaders and mangers will be on site in the same physical space to cultivate and drive a distinct organisational culture and identity that builds on the firm’s values and mission statement. In short, meeting up in a physical office will improve working relationships and give a shared corporate identity to daily business.