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Torquay, Victoria: The Best Budget-Friendly Things to See and Do

Known as the Surfing Capital of Australia, Torquay is a small coastal town sitting right on some of the best beaches in the country. This town also marks the beginning of the Great Ocean Road, so it’s known to all enthusiastic drivers and tourists. It’s one of the favorite stops on the coastal drive where you can stop, eat, grab a coffee, do some shopping, and of course, enjoy the beach. Let’s see what you can do in Torquay if you decide to stay for a few days:

Visit Bells Beach

Bells Beach is familiar to all in Australia because it’s a truly iconic beach just a few kilometers outside of the town of Torquay. This beach is recognizable for steep cliffs that surround a small stretch of sand and huge powerful waves crashing in the ocean. Thanks to these waves, Bells is one of the best spots for surfing in the world, and home to the oldest pro surfing championship, the Rip Curl Pro, which has been taking place at Bell every year since 1962. The beach is accessible to everyone (there’s plenty of parking), and there are practical lookouts on the cliffs where you can relax and watch the surfers below.

Take a surf class

There’s no better place in the world to try and catch your first wave. Torquay has several surfing schools that offer lessons to all interested surfers. The conditions for lessons are perfect in Torquay, and your teacher will show you all the basics, from managing your board to standing up and safely falling in the water. All the lessons are conducted in the shallows, and you’ll be given all the best equipment like Quicksilver wetsuits and light and soft beginner boards.

Take a stroll along the foreshore

All the things you can do and see in Torquay are wallet-friendly, but this one is 100% free. Before you retire to your cozy Torquay accommodation, take a stroll along the Surf Coast Walk. This trail has 44 kilometers of paths and nooks along the Great Ocean Road. You can find information about the great ocean road holiday online for specifics and booking details. This coastal trail is easy to access, and from Torquay, you can do all sorts of walks—short, long or even multi-day. Stay focused on the beauty of nature and truly take in all the sights, salty smells, and seaside sounds. On your trail, you’ll pass dramatic cliffs, practical lookouts, and stunning ocean views perfect for a photoshoot. When in Torquay, most tourists walk past Jan Juc, reach Bell Beach, and go back—it’s a good walk suitable for all people in decent shape. And you’ll know you’ll be coming back to your beachfront house to retire for the night and dream about all the amazing things you’ve seen during the day. 

Take it to the skies

If you want to engage in an adventure of a lifetime in Torquay, book a real WWII open cockpit biplane ride. Look out for adventure flights and you’ll find many amazing opportunities to soar, fly, and enjoy the coast from a bird’s perspective. Some pilots offer different levels of excitement during their rides, so you can go mild, wild or extreme when it comes to aerobatic maneuvers.

Visit the farmers market

If you happen to find yourself in Torquay during the weekend, visit the farmer’s market at the Surf Coast Shire Offices. This cute market will treat you to plenty of local food products and artisan creations that go from fresh fruits and veggies, tasty cheese, fresh breads, meets, as well as artisan jams. This is one of the favorite places for all locals, so if you want to mingle, this is your chance.

Watch the sunset

Torquay is a town on the cliffs, so there are plenty of lookouts where you can sit down and watch the sunset (or sunrise if you’re a morning person). You can try to grab a spot at Point Impossible, Point Danger or even at Bells Beach and watch the sun set over the water. If you have time and petrol to drive a bit longer, visit Point Addis, where you can sit on the boardwalk and watch the sunset over Bells and Torquay.

As you can see, this little coastal town is a perfect spot to rest for a day or two and continue your Great Ocean Drive or just do some more town-hopping. Your wallet will remain full of money and you will leave Torquay full of fun memories.