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Tips to Getting the Most from Your Solar Panel Installation

More and more homes are getting solar panel fittings and for most people this development may seem like there is a fresh injection of money that some homes are enjoying whereas others are not. Despite the many government incentives in place to support uptake of solar energy for homes, there still exists a large gap in uptake and this is mainly due to ignorance or insufficient information. This article seeks to bridge this gap by showing how easy it is to get solar energy to your home as it outlines the steps necessary to making the right choice.

Factors To Consider Before Installing Solar Panels At Home

You may be new to solar energy, but you are at least aware of the global rush towards renewable energy. Of the many options available; ranging from wind energy to geothermal energy, solar energy is the only one that is cheaper, easy to install, and grants immediate benefits to your home. The following steps are crucial before you can invest in solar energy. 

Evaluate Whether Solar Energy Is For You

Your energy needs are increasing and you need to find a long term solution to keeping your energy costs low and affordable. Solar energy is the right choice, but unfortunately it is not a great choice if you are renting your property. For solar energy to work perfectly for you, you need to either own the property or be assured you can stay there for the duration of the warranty. The best solar company in San Jose will be available to advice on whether your property is conductive enough to install solar energy, and this is not just for rental versus purchased property. 

If your property is too small, but you rely solely on grid electricity, then solar energy might not be the right choice. You need enough space to install solar panels to meet your energy needs. A few panels could meet your lighting needs, but to fully enjoy solar energy, you need to have enough to fully replace grid electricity. Smaller housing units will rarely break even because solar energy requires at least $45000 in installation costs, and the return on investment for small units might not be feasible.

However, if you do find solar panels to be a suitable investment for you and your property, you should first check out funding options for your panels and their installation. You need to decide whether you are going to pay for them in cash, use government grants, or even apply for one of these Atmos solar loans to cover the initial costs. No option is right or wrong – it is what suits your situation!

Environmental Factors

Right from the name, solar energy requires plenty of sun. though some recent developments in solar panel technology has led to better solar panels, the sun is still a critical factor in solar energy production. Therefore, your home should at least have 6-8 hours of daily solar energy on average. With such solar access, you can store enough solar energy to use throughout your home when there is limited sunlight; especially at night. 

Plan in Advance

With sufficient planning, you can consult several solar panel companies to provide quotes to see which one matches your budget. Solar companies are available to do the required calculations to your home to see whether you need solar energy and in case you do, to evaluate how many panels to install. This requires measurement of your roof and the sunlight access your roof has. Overall, this step will ensure you don’t stretch your budget too much and you only install as much power as you need.