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Ideas for shared bedrooms for two kids

Common room for siblings? This is a great idea, especially if the little ones are twins or of a similar age. However, it is worth allocating a space to each of them according to their character and interests, so that they both feel at home in the room. How to decorate a common children’s room to give it character? Wall decorations, such as wallpapers, which will allow you to personalize parts of the room, will be perfect.

Shared bedroom – which wallpaper to choose?

If siblings are of the same sex, they usually agree on a favorite motive. However, if the room belongs to a brother and sister, then it is difficult to choose a favorite theme. That is why it is best to choose wall murals with universal motifs e.g. animals that all children love. Then, light and subdued colors will be appropriate, and the subject matter will be suitable for both a boy and a girl.

It’s best to stick the wallpaper on a wall with no shelves planned. Then all its decorative potential will be clearly visible! It will be perfect, for example, over children’s beds, creating the effect of a separate bedroom space.

Self-adhesive removable wallpapers will also be a good and very convenient solution. Easy and simple to apply, they can also decorate any wall.

Canvas wall art

A great way to create an individual piece of space for each child in a shared room are paintings on canvas. You can choose something different for each child and hang it over the bed or desk. Most importantly, the canvas prints can be changed from time to time without any problems. For example, as the toddlers mature, replace the children’s themes with something more adult, or if their interests change, buy something more suitable. This is a very convenient solution, unlike wallpapers that require a lot of work to apply.

At the same time, canvas paintings are not as intense as, for example, wallpapers. They occupy a small space and do not determine the style of the room. They can be small, and also look very elegant and interesting, which will be appreciated by parents who appreciate tasteful arrangements.

When arranging a shared room for kids, it is worth remembering that each of them has a different character. Their shared space should give both of them the same joy!