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4 DIY Projects Foster Dads Can Do With Teens in Their Care – And Why They Should

It is often difficult enough to get your own teens involved in a project you can do together but sometimes foster kids are hungry for the attention you can show them. While they may come across as having those teen attitudes, they just might be seeking a bit of time with the adults in their lives.

You may be excited to learn that doing projects with a father figure has always been something they’ve dreamed of and here you are, ready to step right up to the plate. So then, what kinds of DIY projects do you think they’d like? Why not ask them to choose from some of these choices or to come up with a project of their own.

1. Grow a Garden of Edibles

One of the things which so many kids share in common is a natural aversion to anything green. Your own kids were just the same until you got them interested in gardening. Once they began planting and growing their own vegetables, they were more open to trying a bite. If seasoned well with lots of salt, pepper, and butter, just about any veggie can taste good. As a matter of fact, why not let them learn how to cook them as well?

Not only is this quality time you will be spending with those teens, but you will be reinforcing the idea that they can do things they never thought they’d learn. What a way to get them interested in life! A little time, a few projects, and a lot of love are just what they probably need.

2. Transform Terracotta Planters Into Colourful Mushrooms

Another project you might like to do with your teens who were placed by fosterplus.co.uk in a more permanent setting would be to craft design elements for the garden they’ve helped you plant. Sometimes these little things they’ve made like terracotta mushrooms can bring them out often to look at their handiwork in both the plants they are growing as well as the garden décor they’ve crafted.

These are easily made from old terracotta pots turned upside down. Then the tray on the bottom becomes the head of the mushroom. They are too cute for words and can be made in various sizes to form a fairy ring, which is also fun to do.

3. Woodworking DIY – Birdhouse

Depending on the age of the teen, working with power saws may be something you might want to put off for the time being. However, older kids might want to learn how to safely use them. A DIY birdhouse is a great beginning because theyare usually nothing more than 7 rectangles, one of which has a circular hole for birds to get in and out. Don’t forget the smaller hole to hold the dowel as a perch. Let them paint and decorate it themselves and then it’s time to find the best location to hang it!

4. Model Aeroplanes (Not From a Kit!)

You can easily buy wood veneer at a local home improvement store from which to make DIY model aeroplanes. Start by printing pieces on paper to use as a template. If you find thin enough veneer, you can cut it with scissors. In fact, you might want the wood that thin so that the plane is light enough to be carried off by a breeze once it’s built and decorated. Even so, if it’s meant to be on a shelf, there are free templates available online that you can customise as you’d like.

Any of these crafts is a great way for dads to spend time with foster teens. While the crafts will inspire the kids, that quality time will mean so much more. So then, what craft have you decided on for today?