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Tips For Improving Your GP Practice: Give Patients A Better Experience

The patient experience is paramount when it comes to running a successful GP practice. A good patient experience not only results in a good reputation for the practice, but it can also help to attract new patients. If you are looking to improve the way your GP practice works and give patients a better experience, there are a few tips that you should keep in mind. Read on to learn more about how to give patients a better experience at your GP practice.

Update Your Waiting Room

One of the best ways to give patients a better experience is by modernising the waiting room at your GP practice. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to renovate the room, though. It can be as simple as adding a few new pieces of furniture or changing the colour scheme. A comfortable waiting area is a must. This includes seating that is easy to use and is built to accommodate patients of all sizes. A coffee table, a reading area, and some toys can be a nice touch, too, especially if you have a lot of young patients.

Invest In Infection Prevention Courses

Health and safety are important aspects of any business, but they are especially important in the healthcare industry. An important part of keeping your practice clean and maintaining a high level of infection prevention is having your staff attend infection prevention courses. Not only will this help them to stay current with the latest cleaning techniques and best practices, but infection prevention courses will also help them to learn how to use the cleaning equipment in your practice properly.

Present Feedback From Patients During Board Meetings

Feedback from patients can help you to identify areas in your practice that need to be improved. If you are not already collecting this information, you should begin as soon as possible. One of the best ways to cover patient feedback is to present it to the rest of your practice staff during regular board meetings. Having the information presented at a meeting will allow all employees to see what areas the patients feel could be improved. Having this information presented in a group setting will allow staff members to discuss the feedback and come up with ways to improve the areas that patients are concerned about.

Train Staff In Soft Skills

While the technical skills that your staff members have are important, they aren’t the only skills that they will use while working at the practice. Throughout their day, staff members will be dealing with all kinds of people, including patients and other staff members. While you should always hire staff members who have the required technical skills for their job, it is also important to hire people who have good soft skills. Training staff in soft skills is a great way to improve the patient experience in your practice. This is because the staff will be better equipped to deal with difficult patients and work through any challenges that come up.