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How to Beautify Your Mobile Home on a Budget

Do you own a mobile home already or are you looking at mobile homes for sale and considering buying a fixer upper that you can really make your own? A mobile home can be decorated, renovated and given a makeover in the same way that you would a bricks and mortar property to get it looking its best.

It is easy to get carried away and end up spending more than you’d wanted to when undertaking such a project so here are some top tips on how to beautify your mobile home on a budget.


If you are doing a big renovation, then planning is key and will save you money in the end as it will help to prevent waste. Work out how much you have to spend and then what rooms and what work needs doing so that you can assign a suitable budget to each room. For example, a bedroom may just need a fresh coat of paint but a kitchen that needs new units or electrical goods will be considerably more. And don’t forget the outside whilst you’re at it – if you’ve been thinking about sorting out your mobile home skirting, for example, take this into consideration when planning your project.


Painting and wallpapering are your best friends when it comes to your mobile home as spending a little bit of money and investing some of your time can quickly make a big difference to the whole space. Remember to opt for light, modern and neutral colours that will make the rooms feel bigger and brighter.

To Spend or Not to Spend

You need to know where to spend money and where to be a bit thriftier so that you can make your budget go further. For example, a good sofa or a nice TV is a worthwhile investment for most people that they will want to keep and take care of for years to come and you often get what you pay for. 

Certain things however can be bought extremely cheaply at boot sales, charity shops, selling apps and online marketplaces for a fraction of the price they were new so decide where to spend the money and where to save it.


Good quality furniture like chairs, tables, desks and TV units can be bought and upcycled using things like paint, wallpaper and wood waxes with quirky handles to create fabulous pieces for a fraction of the cost new. Plus, they can be extremely fun to do!


Never underestimate the impact that clever accessorising and styling can do when it comes to your mobile home. Once the room is painted and the furniture is all in, take a step back and look at where there are opportunities to add to the room.

  • Wall art and mirrors can be a cheap and easy way to really make a statement.
  • Textured cushions, blankets, rugs and throws add another dimension to any room and can be used to add a pop of colour if you wish.
  • Artificial plants or flowers are a must and can be used in so many ways. Floor pots, wicker baskets and ceramic planters with large plants look great in a corner to add some life into a bland space. Artificial stems in a vase are fab on a table or fireplace and succulents are ideal for coffee tables and shelves.
  • Candles, wax melts and reed diffusers not only smell nice, but they come in lots of beautiful designs so are a great accessory to have around the home.