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Planning An Outfit For A Summer Wedding: A Guide For Modern Men

As the weather gets warmer, that can only mean one thing: the beginning of the wedding season. It’s coming up for that time of year when all the weddings happen at once. If you’re a social butterfly, or dating one, you’ll probably have several invitations to events. 

Picking out an outfit for a wedding is easier for men than for women, but it gets more complicated as we get closer to summer. The hot weather can make it harder for you to find an outfit that’s comfortable and stylish for the numerous social events you’re obliged to attend. Also, if the events involve the same social circle, you might find that you have to choose multiple outfits to stand out each time.

It can seem like a lot of work to create several comfortable yet smart and appealing summer wedding outfits. Still, it’ll be worth it when you get compliments and can feel confident in your look at even the smartest of weddings. To help, we’ve created this guide for modern men who want to look and feel cool this summer. 

Get The Right Fit 

Choosing clothes that fit well on your body is crucial, particularly when attending a smart event in hot weather. It’s particularly noticeable if your suit jacket doesn’t fit: too baggy and it hangs loose, too tight, and you bulge out of it. So, you need to explore suit jackets that fit your body and will be comfortable in the warmer weather. If you’ve got a dad-bod or just need a bigger fit, then check out suits for large men from SuitsMen. You’ll then be able to find the right fit that’s comfortable and smart. 

Switch Things Up With A Hat

When you think of hats at weddings, it’s easy to imagine the mother of the bride in a bold creation or the bridesmaids wearing feathery fascinators. While some grooms choose to wear top hats, male guests often eschew headgear, which is a shame. A well-chosen dress hat can enhance any outfit and make you look smart and stylish. So, it’s worth considering checking out some hats that will look good with your favourite wedding outfit. When it comes to men’s hats, you need to choose a quality item that will set you apart from the rest and enhance your look, rather than ruining it, so that you look smart and picture perfect in time for the wedding photos. A wide array of classy and high-quality mens hats (like these) can be found to suit any style.

Choose Breathable Shoes 

Tight leather shoes, which are the traditional choice for many men at weddings, can be uncomfortable in the summer months. Modern dress shoes are lighter and more breathable, making them comfortable to wear throughout the year. Where possible, try on a few pairs before you select the ones you want, and make sure you break them in before the big day. The shoes finish off any outfit and can bring together your look, so invest in a high-quality pair that will look smart and keep your feet comfortable all day. You’ll then be able to relax and enjoy the wedding season knowing that your feet won’t hurt and you look dapper enough to impress anyone.