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The Benefits of Trading In with Tech Tiger

We talk a lot about the benefits of recycling, refurbishing, and reselling tech devices, and smartphones – both in terms of environmental factors and accessibility and affordability. When you sell a device to Tech Tiger that you no longer want, you prevent that device from going into landfill and contributing towards the rising issue of e-waste, and you benefit from a return of funds while also allowing someone to purchase your unwanted model second hand.

But while searching to ‘sell my iPhone 12 Pro’ online may present you with a range of marketplace sites and options, one thing that Tech Tiger does differently is offering a trade-in deal whereby you switch your unwanted device for an excellent deal on your own upgrade. 

In this blog, we’re sharing a little about how the trade-in deal works and why it could be the best option for you. 

How does Tech Tiger trade-in work?

Tech Tiger trade-in is an end-to-end process which enables consumers with unwanted or outdated devices to sell them to use for refurbishment and resale while accessing a pool of newer devices that are better suited to their needs.

While some consumers sell their old devices to us and then sign new contracts with mobile network providers or buy brand new devices at retail prices, the benefit of the complete Tech Tiger experience is that you remain solely in the second hand market – enjoying both environmental and cost benefits. That’s why we are enjoying more uptake on our trade-in opportunities than ever before – and here’s how it could just help you secure the phone you want for a great price. 

Benefits of trading in an old phone

With our stock changing and shifting according to the devices we have received, it’s fair to say that the Tech Tiger in-store selection is fluid. What this means is that we accept any device and can have a range of devices across all different models available at any one time – from the latest devices and smartphones to older devices with fewer features and more affordable price tags. Once you have sold your device to us, the trade-in offer allows you to select the device that you want to own next and access it at a great price – with the added benefit of the cost of your sold device being deducted from the final bill.

This, in addition to the additional discount that Tech Tiger offers to trade-in deals over £100, makes the entire deal not only streamlined and accessible but also incredibly affordable. 

Could trade-in be the best option for you?

If you’re looking to upgrade your smartphone or device without the hassle and unknown fees of supplier contracts and complex agreements, Tech Tiger allows you to trade in an old device for a new one at a great price – all while helping the environment by cutting down on your contribution to e-waste. 

To find out more about Tech Tiger trade-in and to browse the models available right now, visit our website.