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What should I look for when choosing storage solutions for my business?

Since the pandemic, more and more businesses are choosing to operate online, particularly if they want to keep the financial constraints of physical premises to a minimum. The soaring cost of overheads and change in people’s shopping habits suggest it’s an integral part of our consumerism and is only set to gather more speed. 

While most companies have fallen in line with the shift in business practice, some may find they need to overcome hurdles when it comes to storing the items that need delivering. This is particularly relevant if they require different arrangements to fit in with the demands of the clients. With this in mind, are there any pointers that businesses should look for when choosing storage solutions? After all, the support they opt for is an extension of the company, so it needs to represent it in the best way possible.

Is there a range of storage solutions to choose from?

If you’re researching different storage solutions for your business to use, it’s worth making sure that they provide a comprehensive service with a range of logistical support. Are you able to store the items you’re selling on a long-term and short-term basis, for example? Can the items be held for as little as a few hours, or can they be kept onsite for longer if the circumstances call for it? 

It’s also worth finding out whether there is the option of managing both repeat and one-off items from the stock held in the storage facility, so they can be distributed to suit the client’s chosen delivery option. Professional storage solutions should also fully insure your items while they’re in their possession as standard practice, but it’s worth confirming that all safety policies are in place. The premises they’re stored in should also be dry and secure to keep consignments in optimum condition. This is particularly important if you are working within the health sector and offer at-home lab tests like intolerance tests which need to be stored correctly and delivered quickly.

Does the storage solution work in conjunction with a delivery service?

If you regularly use a private courier service to deliver items to your customers, it makes sense to use a storage solution that also offers this as part of their business portfolio. By choosing a company that provides complete logistical support, you will have peace of mind that the goods in transit will be in expert hands from the moment you arrange their delivery. 

The items can be collected from your named office, warehouse or manufacturing facility and taken to a secure storage location where they’ll be kept safe until they’re needed at their delivery address. Not only does this provide a one-stop solution that takes away the stress of the situation, but it means you can accommodate the demands of your clients, which can only do good things for your business reputation. 

Look at the location of the storage premises. 

When considering which storage solution to choose for your business, it’s a good idea to consider the location of their premises. Opting for a Midlands-based company means they’re extremely close to the major motorway networks and can respond to delivery and storage requests quickly.Companies like Purely Digital offer printing solutions to London, but they are midlands based. Therefore, they need a central company to transfer their printing materials.Regardless of whether the consignment needs to be stored on a short or long-term basis, it won’t take long for them to be on the road to meet your deadlines, even if you need a same-day turnaround. 

By using a storage solution facility in the Midlands that can assist with time-sensitive deliveries, you’ll have access to a service that the online arm of your business can rely on and help you to meet the demands of customers, regardless of where they are in the country.