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Keeping Family History Alive: Framed Photos as a Link Between Generations

Looking at a treasured image, printed, framed and proudly displayed on the wall, can instantly transport you back to a special time or evoke great memories of a loved one. Photos have the power to keep family history and special memories very much alive. Each framed photo has the ability to create a magical link between generations and helps seal the bond that exists within loving families.

Let’s take a look into how photographs are so important in providing a visual link between different generations of your family.

How photos can be the catalyst for discovering more about your family history 

We all enjoy hearing stories about our predecessors and learning about the background of characters who helped shape your family as it is today.

Seeing a carefully preserved image in a framecan start a conversation going with other family members that can trigger a fascinating voyage of discovery where you get to find out about loved ones from the present to the past.

Passing down historical stories, legends, and personal details is always a fascinating way to engage different generations of the same family. A photo is a brilliant way of bringing those stories to life when you get to see what members of your family look like and remember their faces.

Wouldn’t you like to take the opportunity to discover more about your family and get some fascinating insights into the lives they led?

It is so important to many of us to be able to share stories and pass on family details that current and future generations will enjoy hearing about.

Creating and collating a family album and displaying pictures for all to see in photo frames is a brilliant way of preserving the memory of loved ones in perpetuity.

Getting started with your photo collection

One of your first tasks is to try and get together as many photos of the family, past and present, as possible.

This gives you the opportunity to put together a selection of your most treasured and relevant images that can then be framed.

Selecting the right photos for your family history collection

It can be quite difficult to curate a collection of family photos without having some sort of theme or structure to how you select the images and what criteria you choose.

You might opt for a classic family tree format, for instance. Instead of a list of names and dates you could create a highly visual version of your family tree using a photo of each family member.

Sharing great memories

Another great idea would be to go through your photo collection and choose images that are the perfect and most poignant reminder of what a loved one was like. Or it could be a photo celebrating a special family event that you would like a permanent reminder of in your framed photo collection.

Getting your collection ready for framing

Having carefully selected your chosen images from your collection of photos the most obvious challenge you face is how to put them all together in a way that looks the best for your display.

The great thing about modern technology is that it is really easy to transform any old photo you have into a digital image

Once you have all your favourite photos scanned and saved as a digital file you will find it much easier to get them put into photo frames.

This is because there are many reputable printing providers that work in the discount niche and offer framed photos at a fraction of the usual cost. You won’t need to print your photos and frame the separately – just choose images for printing, upload them on the printing provider’s site and your framed photos will arrive ready to be hung on the wall!

Choosing the right frames and style

One of the main things to think about when you are choosing the style and type of frame to use for your family photos is where you are going to display the collection in your home.

Some ideas to consider would be to create a display that looks like one giant piece, which creates a dramatic gallery effect and will become a real focal and talking point in the room.

You could also create a more eclectic display using a range of different sized photo frames as way adding even more visual interest to the images on display.

How you curate the images is up to you. You could run them along in chronological order to create a fascinating timeline of your family history. Or group together certain key events such as weddings and significant gatherings.

Frame style and size

Aim to pick a frame style that works best with your home decor. Frame styles vary greatly so you will be able to find one that fits the vibe of your layout and colour scheme.

If you are not sure, a classic white frame has universal appeal.

The size of the frame you choose is often dictated by the wall space you have available and the number of framed images you want to display.

Remember, you might also want to add to your collection as time goes by and you add more family memories that you want to be reminded of with a special photo.

Think about how you might accommodate these extra framed photos as you add to your treasured collection.

Another quick style tip to think about would be to consider the idea of having your digital images produced in black and white. Some of your old photos will be black and white anyway. A collection of family photos all in monochrome can actually bring everything together and look stunning.

Preserving your family history and telling everyone’s story through photographic images offers many obvious benefits. You will enjoy the process of putting all of these images together and thinking about the people in each photo frame.

You will also be creating a visual history that can be passed onto the next generation.

The fact that it’s not too pricey and looks great on your wall makes it even more tempting to keep your family memories alive with awesome photosthat’ll last forever.

Now is the perfect time to take the opportunity to start creating your own family photo collection and displaying them in your home for everyone to enjoy and learn from!