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Improving Your Kitchen – Making it the Heart of the Home

Making the most out of your kitchen is important. If your kitchen is not a functional or enjoyable place to be in, you will struggle to use it as much as you should. No matter the size or shape of your kitchen, you still have room for improvement. So, where should you start on this journey, and what must you focus on first? Getting your priorities right from the start will save you time and money.

Having a Plan and Design

Having an action plan and design in place is hugely important. Even if you are only planning on making small or minor changes, you need to have a design to work from. If you are planning to carry out larger work, you will need an action plan to guide you and ensure your time is spent effectively. When you are creating an action plan and design, always try and work backwards if you can. Think about your end vision, then focus on the steps you will need to take to reach this end vision.

Improving or Renovating

To make your kitchen the heart of your home, are you going to improve or completely renovate or remodel it on the budget you have? Are there any elements of your kitchen that you can salvage and reuse? Are you going to try and upcycle? Or would you just like to improve certain elements that are perhaps a little dated and tired? When looking at making improvements or renovations, always think about the impact they will have on your life and how you use your kitchen.

Additions that Make Sense

For your kitchen to flow and work how you want it to, you need to make the right additions. For example, a hide and slide oven door that is built-in will free up floor space. A wine fridge cabinet will allow you to store and display your favourite bottles of wine. Or a new breakfast bar with stools will give you a suitable place to catch up with the family each morning.

Top Tip: Monitor how you use your kitchen throughout the week. See what can make your life a little easier. For example, could having a built-in microwave save you some worktop space and speed up the breakfast routine? Could a coffee maker make sure you get a hot and fresh cup of coffee in the morning to kickstart your day?

Getting the Input of Others

To make your kitchen the heart of your home, you may well benefit from getting the input of others. Sometimes you can find that others can see your space a little differently than you can. From kitchen designers to the other people that live in your home, their contributions may be valuable and useful. Never be afraid to reach out to tradespeople and designers to get their support. Remember to take notes about what you like (and dislike) in the kitchens of friends and family members. You may find that the notes you collect along the way help you create a dream family kitchen.