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Jobs In UK Which Will Help You Earn More Than The Average

The UK economy is trying to gain strength from the ravages of the COVID-19 pandemic that completely stagnated the UK economy. The general expenditure of the country kept on rising high. According to recent reports, during the economic upheaval, inflation surmounted to a massive 10% making things completely difficult for the Brits to manage. Under the circumstances, one has to try and get employed to survive there. 

Are you at the end of your academic career?

This is the best time that one must start trying to find a suitable job in the country. You must not panic because the UK allows you to optimise your talent and skills. With the help of self-reliance, you empower yourself and take the economy forward. Here we provide you with a list of jobs that can help you earn more than average in the UK.

Why Must One Look To Earn More Than Average?

Every human being on earth looks for a good lifestyle, but the cost of living in the UK is increasing at an alarming rate. According to records, the national average income in the UK ranges from £ 22000- £ 27000. The figures might vary from one website to another. 

But the reality is that the cost of living in the UK or, say, cities like London and Manchester is getting high. Statista observation can explain the grim state of affairs. On March 23, around 70% of the households in Britain reported that the cost of living increased compared to the previous month. 

The value was 62% in November 2021. Inflation is taking off to new heights. Under the circumstances, you can not but have to manage things and try to earn more than average.  

Top Jobs In The UK That Can Help You Earn More Than The Average 

The UK is a highly developed country with a robust infrastructure. Their primary, secondary and tertiary sectors are resilient enough to withstand the shockwaves of economic turmoil. In terms of GDP, it ranks 6th in the world. Therefore the county has always been a happy hunting ground for job seekers. 

But at the same time, there is high competition among the youth in climbing the ladder of success. So you need to earn more than the average salary to get comfortable living in the country. Here we provide some job opportunities that can guarantee you a high salary.


A lawyer is a professional who gives legal advice to individuals or businesses. To get into this trend, you have to get a degree and get yourself registered with the Bar Council. In the Uk, the lawyer can practise as either a barrister or a solicitor. These legal experts provide legal advice to their clients. 

Law practice depends on how you perform as an individual. The national average salary in the UK is around £51237 annually, which is way above the average income. Therefore, you can earn handsomely if you become a lawyer.

The Chief Executive Officers

The CEO is the company’s corporate executive, and they are the company’s nucleus. They make the most critical decision about the business. They also work continuously to increase the business strategies so that it maximises the company’s revenue. They also actively work with training executives on increasing the capability of employees.

You have heard about Satya Nadella, Sundar Pichai and Tim Cook. They all are trending in the global market. If you want to become the CEO of a company, you need to stay strong and resilient. The average salary of CEOs in the UK is around £61805 yearly. 

Marketing Directors 

The marketing directory is the head of product and service promotion within a company. They are responsible for increasing the company’s profits and market share. Their responsibilities include creating and managing marketing campaigns effectively. They also have a firm grip on the current market trends. The professional is also responsible for assisting the marketing managers and their teams.

The marketing directors of a company are an inalienable component of achieving financial success. The UK is the hub of many big, small and medium enterprises. The national average salary of the marketing directors can range between £ 69049 per year.  


A dermatologist is a doctor who specialises in the disease and the conditions of the skin, nails, hairs and mucous membranes. They treat conditions like Eczema, psoriasis, hair loss, acne and even skin cancer.

Apart from offering general advice and medication to the patients, they also provide cosmetic treatments like laser procedures, filler and others. There is a high demand for these professionals in the UK. The national average salary for these professionals can be around £86+734 annually. This salary is way above the average salary. 

Plastic Surgeon

A plastic surgeon is a highly-rated professional in the UK. They are licensed practitioners who use surgery to repair and reconstruct the human body. 

The operations and treatments include skin burns, wounds and other surgeries. The surgery involves changing the appearance of the healthy person through surgery like rhinoplasty. 

To be a plastic surgeon, you must earn a medical degree and all other requirements. Registration is one of them that you need to look upon. This can help you earn handsomely in the UK. According to a study, the national average salary of a plastic surgeon can range above £90531 per year. 

Apart from this, we also provide you with a list of jobs based on skills. They include data engineers, software developers, and website developers. If you are creative enough, you can be the creative lead in projects involving a group of artists and technicians. There is high value and regard for UX designers. They are professionals with high skills, knowledge and competency.

What Else?

Apart from these jobs, if you become a social media executive or business analyst, you have high chances of achieving financial success. Therefore there are opportunities galore. You need to apply the right set of mind and focus on getting the degree. 

It can win you the desired success that you have been searching for for a long time. The salary of these jobs is way above the average salary, which can earn you a good lifestyle in the UK.