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The Power of Knowledge: How Aktiia’s Blood Pressure Monitoring Device Empowers Working Dads to Take Control of Their Health

In the UK, over 9 in 10 fathers with dependent children are in employment. Today’s working dads care about success in their careers whilst remaining committed to providing for their families. Balancing these priorities is often challenging, to which many would say this comes as ‘part of the territory’. 

But the demands of this lifestyle should not come at the cost of their health. 

It is widely known that men are more prone to hypertension than women. Moreover, recent studies have shown that working too much could lead to high blood pressure. Naturally, it follows that the working dad demographic may be more at risk of cardiovascular health issues.

Blood Pressure Monitoring

The Impact of This Lifestyle 

Certain elements of family and working life can, of course, contribute to risk factors for hypertension. Perhaps the most obvious would be work or family-related stress elevating blood pressure. 

Additionally, some occupations require long periods of sitting or desk work. This reduces opportunities for physical activity in everyday life, a well-known risk factor for high blood pressure.

Finally, chronic sleep deprivation has been associated with an increased risk of developing hypertension. This may be an issue for working dads as a product of caring for young children whilst employed. 

Living With High Blood Pressure  

It can be difficult to manage the physical symptoms of hypertension in a professional environment. Sufferers may experience fatigue, dizziness and shortness of breath. 

As with any patient, working dads would be encouraged to make certain lifestyle adjustments following a diagnosis of high blood pressure. Adopting a heart-healthy diet is a great place to start. Slowly introducing exercise into everyday life will soon demonstrate that small changes can make a big difference. Changes can be tough to accommodate when you already have enough on your plate!

Understandably, a diagnosis of hypertension can be quite worrying. Health anxieties can take a toll on emotional wellbeingtoo. Not to mention it can be very time consuming to sit down and take readings on a blood pressure monitor multiple times a day. Surely there’s a way to …

Take Back Control 

Aktiia measures your blood pressure, automatically, while you go about your daily life, uninterrupted. 

Whether you’re dropping the kids off at school, stuck in back-to-back meetings or winding down after work- Aktiia is monitoring. That’s 24/7. 

The Aktiia monitoring bracelet works in tandem with the blood pressure app, designed to give you a clear and simple breakdown of your 24/7 blood pressure readings. Simply use the app to calibrate your bracelet with the included cuff once a month. 

The Aktiia App: https://aktiia.com/uk/blood-pressure-monitoring-app

Aktiia empowers you to take a proactive approach to manage your health. Get the insights you and your doctor need to stay in control of your blood pressure and move towards a life free from hypertension.

Blood Pressure Monitoring Device From Aktiia

Nobody Needs to Know 

The Aktiia monitoring bracelet is discreet. A slim, lightweight, comfortable black band is perfect for busy individuals. You really can just wear it and forget it. 

A Personal Picture

More frequent blood pressure measurement facilitates a data-driven approach. Quickly share a PDF report with your physician prior to your next appointment. Health care professionals are able to deliver more personalised treatments by understanding each patient’s individual patterns. 

Exercise, diet, and stress management have a measurable impact on blood pressure. With Aktiia, you can see how your lifestyle and your blood pressure are linked over hours, days, weeks, months, and years.

24/7 Insights 

Aktiia is the only solution on the market that can easily measure your blood pressure while you’re sleeping. Research has shown that night-time blood pressure is more highly correlated to cardiovascular risk than standard daytime blood pressure measurements. 

Eliminate white coat syndrome with Aktiia. This is the name for the effect when stress at the doctor’s office can lead to abnormally high readings. 24/7 monitoring allows readings in your usual state.  

The Power of Knowledge

Answer more questions with Aktiia:

Does your blood pressure decrease while you sleep?

Are you within your target blood pressure range every day? 

How are medications impacting your blood pressure?

Aktiia comes with 18 years of research and development, validated through clinical evidence. Take back control with Aktiia. Manage your hypertension and live a healthier life. 

For more information visit the Aktiia website: https://aktiia.com/uk/