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How To Ensure Your Overnight School Trip Is a Roaring Success

Teachers have seen it all and are rarely phased by anything that primary or secondary school-aged children can throw at them. However, even the most experienced educators might break a sweat over planning an overnight school trip. While they can be tiresome, if you have a few tips and tricks up your blazer, you can create a fun, educational residential visit that you and the kids enjoy! 

From ensuring the safety of all your pupils and creating a fun yet educational itinerary to coordinating logistics and keeping parents informed, many elements go into planning overnight school trips for both primary and secondary schools. To prevent you from losing sleep over it, we’ve outlined some top tips to ensure your overnight school trip is a roaring success in our article below:

Create A Fun-Filled (Yet Educational!) Itinerary 

Parents and carers fork out a lot of their hard-earned money for their children to go on overnight school trips, so it is vital that you create a fun-filled (yet educational!) itinerary that’s going to make them go home and gush to their parents about their experience. 

To ensure this, you’ll want to think about what you want your students to take away from their overnight experience. However, it can be challenging to determine what learning outcomes you’d like your pupils to achieve. Thankfully, if you book overnight school trips with providers like PGL, they can take this off your hands. 

With over fifteen centres across the UK and France, at their centres, your students can immerse themselves in various activities, from kayaking to abseiling, that can help them work towards your outlined goals for the trip. Consider visiting their website or contacting them directly to learn more. 

Advise Pupils About What To Pack 

If you cast your mind back to when you were eleven to sixteen, you probably wouldn’t trust yourself to pack appropriately for an overnight school trip. At that age, you couldn’t even remember to bring a coat when it was snowing outside, so although you’d like to have faith in your pupils, it best to advise them about what to pack…just in case! 

Whether you’re off to the South of France or the coast of Wales with your classroom, provide them with an essential school trip kit list detailing everything they could need to be comfortable amid changing weather conditions and the nature of the outing from their passport, a pair of comfortable walking shoes, a toiletry bag, a wallet, a mobile phone, etc. 

Keep Parents Informed

When taking a group of primary or secondary school children on an overnight school trip, you must foster open communication lines, whether down the road or in another country. Naturally, you’re responsible for someone’s pride and joy, so it’s only justified that they will want to be informed about every step before and during the trip. 

While you can be sure that students will bring their mobile phones and keep parents up-to-date this way, it is also beneficial to stay in touch with them yourself, whether this is by giving them your mobile phone number and encouraging them to call if they have a concern, providing an itinerary so they can see what their child is doing and when, etc.