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A Look at Viking Clothes and Jewelry

Have you ever thought about how amazing costumes would be if they were actually functional? 

This is exactly why the Viking Age is such a popular choice among cosplayers. Viking clothes were designed for functionality so that Vikings could hunt, farm, and prepare for travel as needed. Viking jewelry helped Vikings to feel confident in their day-to-day existence.

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Female Clothes

Viking clothes for females usually consisted of a long-sleeved apron dress, which was the most common garment for women during this period. The dress had buttons or brooches along the shoulder and was fastened at the front.

Both laities and elites wore similar items, the only difference being the fabric or details of the dress. Women often wore their hair in buns, covered with a scarf or ribbon. Female Viking clothes and jewelry usually indicated a woman’s wealth, status, and marriage. By displaying their jewelry, women showed off their wealth and beauty, which was expected in ancient Viking society.

Childrens Clothes

Viking children’s clothes were basic and comfortable, usually made of wool or linen. They tended to wear tunics or undertunics and occasionally leggings. The tunics reached down to the knees and were continued with an undergarment.

There was a variety of colors, and the Vikings used many different colors, including blue, green, red, and yellow. These pieces were lightweight and colorful and often featured engravings of animals or birds for decoration. Viking children may also have worn small pendants and amulets. 

Male Clothes

Viking men wore simple, minimalist clothes. They typically wore some kind of tunic or shirt and trousers, as well as fur or wool capes. Some men wore heavy leather boots, while others went barefoot. Pants tended to be flared at the knee and held up with an inner belt.

Tunics were typically made from wool, linen, or hemp and sometimes had metal or leather clasps. Decorative patterns, embroidery, and braiding were often used to showcase individual styles. Jewelry for men was also a popular accessory among Viking men, including necklaces, arm rings, brooches, pendants, and beads. 

Viking Jewelry for Men

Viking Jewelry for Men is a popular choice for those seeking to accessorize in a historically rich manner. These types of jewelryare often constructed of materials used by Vikings during their time, such as silver, bronze, and iron.

Men will often find intricate, detailed designs, such as the popular Norse knot-work, on many Viking Jewelry pieces. The pieces might also feature fierce animals such as wolves, dragons, or wild boars.

Viking Jewelry for Women

Viking jewelry for women is a great way to show off your Norse pride and express your unique style. From the classic Mjolnir (Thors hammer) pendants to ornate armbands to intricate brooches, these items can truly make a statement when it comes to apparel.

These pieces can be made of silver, gold, or bronze and may feature Nordic symbols like Thors hammer, wolves, ravens, dragons, and more. Many designs also feature polished stones, amber inlay, and intricate knotwork.

Find Out More About Viking Clothes and Jewelry

The Viking people had a unique culture that extended to their Viking fashion. They constructed various pieces of clothing and jewelry in an effort to show social status and to be intimidating when necessary.

Their Viking clothes are an iconic image of their identity and have endured for many centuries. 

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