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 3 Reasons to Book Commercial Photography for Your Start-up

Spoiler alert: you don’t need to be selling physical products to benefit from commercial photography.

In fact, some of the most successful and exciting shoots come from service providers and those who offer corporate package deals to their clients and customers – using photography to visually market a brand and create both interest and excitement around a new start-up.

As commercial photography experts based in Essex, we’ve seen (and photographed) it all – from cars and tractors to plates of food, new products, new team members, and everything in between. Here are three reasons to book a commercial shoot for your start-up, regardless of your industry or business sector.

1. Add personality to your brand

By booking a commercial photography shoot around the office or team HQ, you can capture pictures of your team members at work, your office, and behind the scenes operations. This helps to connect you to your customers and is an increasingly important touchpoint in creating brand personality that customers and clients can relate to.

People want to buy from people and are no longer seeking services and products from faceless brands – rather, they want to know who’s behind the customer service they receive. What better way to achieve this than with professional photos packed with personality.

2. Showcase both products and results

If you offer a service, for example a gardening service or a cleaning service, then commercial photography is an excellent way to demonstrate both the process and the results. There’s a reason why before and after shots are used so regularly in marketing and advertising campaigns, and it’s because prospective new clients and customers want to be able to picture the outcome of hiring your service.

Similarly, it doesn’t get much more straightforward than product photography in our industry – however, we pride ourselves on using staging, light, and positioning to really make your products shine.

3. Stand out with social content that captures attention

Finally, product photography isn’t just for your websites and marketing campaigns – it can also be used to curate a stylish social feed which really stands out from the crowd. And in the digital world we now live in, where every social post needs to be shareable and relatable – instantly communicating the details around and the benefits of each and every product or service – what better way to stop users from scrolling than a unique and standout image.

We can even help you to bring promotional video content to life for social campaigns and longer form marketing campaigns and are experts in the importance of a solid brand.

To cut a long story short, commercial photography doesn’t have to be boring. The best commercial photographers balance product placement and setting with lighting, lifestyle shots, and those popular before and after images which put the brand solution in the heart of the frame.

To find out more about commercial photography for your business, and to bridge your ideas and vision with our experience and expertise, get in touch with your local photography professionals today.