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3 Landscaping Features That Decrease Your Home’s Value

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Your home’s curb appeal adds to the overall value of the property, and one way to benefit from this is through your landscaping. This industry is worth £20.3 billion in the UK alone, showing just how important people value this element of their home. Unfortunately, not everyone gets it right with their home’s landscaping. In the bid to follow trends and make their property look amazing, homeowners can inadvertently decrease their home’s value if care is not taken. It’s vital to know what some of these landscaping mistakes are and how to avoid them. Below are a few you may not have given much thought to.

  1. Unkempt and overgrown gardens

Over 80% of British homes have gardens, which proves that many people value the presense of some greenery in and around their homes. However, there is a thin line between having a thriving garden and an overgrown one that does nothing to boost your home’s outdoor appeal. A neglected lawn can be an eyesore just as unruly shrubbery and unkempt flower beds can make your outdoors look like the jungle. Truly, some gardens are low-maintenance and do not require much effort to keep them thriving. The mistake many people make is leaving such gardens to their fate under the guise of being low maintenance. Potential buyers will see this as a total lack of care and attention to the property and quickly lose any interest they may have had in your building. This can be inconvenient, as there may be nothing wrong with your entire property per se. Overgrown and unkempt gardens detract from your building’s overall aesthetics. Therefore, try to keep it well-trimmed as much as possible.

  1. Haphazard paver installations

It’s undeniable that pavers can be beautiful additions to your outdoor space, but only when they are properly installed. A poorly executed installation reduces your home value and will likely not attract potential buyers. Even if it does, potential buyers will hesitate to go beyond the first viewing stage when you’re looking forward to negotiations. Aside from the lack of visual appeal, poorly aligned pavers pose safety and trip hazards, especially where young children and older adults are concerned. You can avoid these inconveniences by relying on professional paving installers who will ensure the work is level, well-spaced, and matches your home’s overall landscaping theme. A professionally done paver installation can boost your house’s value when you’re ready to sell.

  1. Excessive water features

A water feature can be a captivating focal point in any home, but the tip is not to overdo it. Excessive use of these features can make your property look high maintenance, and many potential buyers will shy away from it. Moreover, poorly positioned water features can dominate your compound and limit the functionality of your outdoor space. The guiding principle is to maintain a perfect balance of these water feature additions to your home. Consult a water feature professional to advise on what is best for your landscaping layout. Doing this can reduce the risks of potential water-related safety issues like flooding, especially if you have fountains and large ponds outdoors.

Sometimes, less is more, and sticking with the basics will allow potential buyers to personalise the property when they buy it.