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Christmas Tail-Wagging Gifts for Working Daddy’s Best Friend

As Christmas is approaching quickly finding gifts for our loved ones becomes a task that occupies increasingly our weekend activities. In recent years this task has seen to be more inclusive regarding our dogs and other pets. As dogs are basically parts of the family it cannot be a surprise that people treat them as such and thus get more creative giving them gifts. If you still need inspiration or guidance on such matter, please read on. And if you are just curious, you are more than welcome too.

In general, when it comes to dogs it is important to find a suitable gift for their health, happiness, and / or engagement. Part of the consideration process should be different factors, such as the dog’s breed, size, age, and personality. What I found in the past to be a great success are interactive or stimulating gifts for mental and physical exercise. Please read on to find more concrete examples.


Toys are very suitable addressing the factors mentioned above, keeping them engaged, moving and healthy. If one does a little review of possibilities, one finds different types of toys: chew toys, interactive toys, puzzle toys, etc. All seem good ideas, but make sure that the option you choose is a durable option for heavy chewers, if not the joy can quickly fade. An interesting option I discovered lately are more mentally stimulating toys like treat-dispensing puzzles. It keeps them guessing, curious and might have learning potential as well.


Treats are always a welcomed gift for our hairy best friends. I think I still have to meet a doggo that refuses delicious treats. And if he does, it is mostly a case for the vet. I always try to find healthy, natural treats. So, what would be more suitable than Christmas treats for dogs. They do not have to be sugary, which would be quite unhealthy, but there are other options like salmon oil for dogs that I tried lately, which were received very positively. Another health factor are dental chews for oral health. It is basically brushing their teeth with a treat; I wish they had it for humans – imagine the possibilities.


If you are all set in the toy and treat front, try the comfort department. There are many possibilities to make them happy with cozy beds or blankets for comfort. Comfort is not always a one-way street, think of your comfort as well with safety-related gifts like reflective collars or harnesses for night walks. Sometimes it is easy to lose sight of your dog while being on a walk in the dark. The reflective collars can warn cars when they access the street without proper traffic consideration.  

Tech Gadgets

It would not be the 21st century if we had not by now more tech-oriented gifts for dogs, like GPS trackers or smart feeders. The GPS tracker on your phone can give you peace of mind if they are gone on trip on their own without letting you know that they are gone and where they go. No need to drive around in the neighbourhood or calling the police. Your phone will have the answer where to find the bad boy and you can find him quite quickly. The smart feeders are very useful for busy families making sure the dog alarm system is always fed appropriately while having a close eye on your home when you are at work or gone for a weekend.


Dogs are part of the family, and they get more included with gifts under the Christmas tree. If you are so busy looking for gifts for everyone and you have not yet the gift for your doggo I hope I was able to help and inspire you. Think of their health, happiness, and / or engagement, may it be toys, treats, comfort, or tech gadgets. As each animal has a character, try to consider what they are enjoying and do not forget the owner in the process. In the perfect world a gift is a win-win situation.