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Working Daddy the Packing Pro

Moving with a big family makes you an expert in packing and transporting goods, if you want it or not. Wrapping granny’s plates properly so they arrive safely to how to tetris all the toys from the kids efficiently into moving boxes, nothing is too much of a challenge for a working daddy. This expertise can be applied in different fields of life. One day when a friend was telling me about his struggle to appropriately send Christmas gifts to his family all over the UK, I somehow felt like Liam Neeson in the movie Taken, telling him what I do have are a very particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over a very long career as a working daddy. After giving my friend a crash course on using cardboard boxes to transport presents from A to B, safely and perfectly packaged, I realized that more people might be interested in my expertise. If you are, read on and I hope it will serve you well.

 Vast choice of Cardboard Boxes

When one is confronted with choosing the right cardboard box, this topic can be more complex than previously anticipated. First, make sure it is durable material, which protects the content of the box, but also what is outside. I will never forget overpacking a moving box and the impact of our toaster on my big toe in the middle of the street (always wear protective gear when moving – topic for a different article). If you choose the right material, even delicate gifts will make it to your favourite niece. Second, be aware that cardboard boxes come in various sizes, shapes, and designs, accommodating different gift types. Use it wisely, too much or too little space will make it difficult to properly wrap and protect the goods. Nothing is more depressing for a child than unwrapping a broken toy on Christmas morning. What I would do to prevent drama on Christmas morning.

Protection and Safety

As protection is paramount for sending gifts, let’s dive into it a bit more. First, cushioning the items in the box. The cardboard itself provides a cushioning effect, preventing damage during shipping boxes. But more importantly, inside use old newspapers or you can also buy specific cushioning paper these days, it will protect the presents. It also prevents them of moving within the box, damaging themselves with their own weight. Second, secure closures are key, you do not want them to pop like a piñata during transit. This is not fun for the receiving party, nor for the guys in charge of the delivery hustling before the festive season. Do not save on tape quality, buy the good stuff. It makes a big difference!

Environmental Thoughts

As we want to leave a better world behind for our children, let’s talk about sustainability. These days you can easily buy cardboard boxes with appropriate quality being recyclable and biodegradable, contributing to eco-friendliness. In addition, think of reducing waste. Buy the right size to minimize the waste, keep the cushioning material for the next festive season or family move and compare cardboard boxes to alternative packaging materials and their impact on the environment. There are many companies out there providing proper boxes, they are readily available and affordable.


Sending gifts via mail is very convenient and can make family members as well as friends happy. Important is tho that everything arrives safely and in time. With the right expertise cardboard boxes are perfect for transporting presents from A to B, safely and perfectly packaged. Just remember choosing the right material and size. Proper cushioning can not be overstated, similarly the secure closures. If you apply everything appropriately, you will have dropped one bullet of drama on Christmas morning. If you are curious what the other bullets are, check out my blog and learn 😊