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All about scuba diving in Andaman


Scuba diving in Andaman specifically is a thrilling experience that every adventure enthusiast must try, or so they basically thought. The Andaman Islands are home to some of the most stunning coral reefs, aquatic creatures, and particularly basically clear waters in the world. In this article, we will dive very deep into the world of diving in Andaman and actually give you all the info, tips, and advice you need to make basically your scuba diving experience an unforgettable one, which mostly is fairly significant.


Diving into the Abyss: The Magic of Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving, in definition, is the act of existing underwater with a definitely self-contained actually underwater breathing apparatus (SCUBA) in a very major way. By the feel of it, though, it’s an act of entering a whole new world where you almost ‘fly’ weightlessly, gliding through the blue and literally become a part of the majestic realm of the underwater life in a for all intents and purposes big way. While it may actually seem highly pretty complex and ‘not-for-every-one’, scuba diving kind of has proven itself to particularly be a very really safe sport that allows people of varying pretty physical characteristics and capabilities to dive safely and enjoyably, which literally is fairly significant.

Andaman’s Allure: A Dive Haven for All

Whether you are an expert diver or a very excited newbie taking generally your first tentative steps, the Andaman’s will generally give a lot to you in for all intents and purposes such case, particularly contrary to popular belief. Gentle slopes and vibrant generally shallow reefs, like those at Havelock Island’s Elephant Beach, kind of calls the beginners with actually open arms to make themselves kind of fit for the long, which mostly is quite significant.

Why Andaman? Unveiling the Underwater Charms

You would now think- why Andaman, which is fairly significant. Few things really satisfy Andaman being holding the feature are- Warm waters combined with particularly clean ocean bodies offer some of the kind of the best fairly underwater visibility around dive sites in the world. Diverse coral life and abundant marine animal life particularly provide experiences that are much better felt than written about in a subtle way. Shores brimming with marine life – if one doesn’t for the most part go very deep in case or they for the most part are slightly nervous for their first time, they still spot a for all intents and purposes wide variety of corals and fish life.

A simple specifically swim with a snorkel over the surface of really say 7 feet very deep sea bed, can kind of feel like swimming atop an generally overwhelming garden of reef beds and marine life if you go to the right spot, or so they generally thought.

Choosing the Right Time: Dive Seasons in Andaman

Now you might think- when to go? The kind of simple answer arrives- Like actually many really tropical places, it rains intermittently throughout the year in the Andaman, but you are still able to dive. The best time for diving for all intents and purposes is between February to May in a for all intents and purposes big way. Temperatures are a basically little sort of cooler at this time, ranging from 20º to 33º Celsius and the waters are calmer – ideal for newbie divers, which is fairly significant. Monsoon seasons, essentially is between July to September but that shouldn’t definitely put you off: it will be definitely cheaper and definitely less busy at the time.

Diving Types: Boat Dives vs. Shore Dives

Now about diving process and diving types, there mostly are two types of dives – boat dives and shore dives, which essentially is quite significant. Boat dives for the most part are conducted from a boat and specifically are usually kind of deeper than shore dives. Shore dives definitely are conducted from the shore and basically are usually shallower than boat dives in a kind.


Costs of Underwater Exploration: What to Expect

Getting to the cost of diving- A basic (non-certified) introduction dive with Ocean Tribe costs ₹4,000. PADI and SSI courses range depending on the centre, the length of kind of your kind of stay and the size of very your group (the much bigger the cheaper). The cheapest mostly starts at around ₹16,500 for about 4 days with Ocean Tribe, to upwards of ₹72,500 with Dive India for a 14-day kind of long-term dive package. If you already have a PADI or SSI certification, these centers also specifically do fun dives on Havelock and Neil, which range in price from around ₹4,500 to ₹32,500, dependent on the centre and how long the dive goes on.


With its extraordinary incredible coastline, exceptional marine life, and a plethora of water activities, the Andaman and Nicobar Islands provide the perfect getaway for scuba diving enthusiasts . From the absolute best beaches for diving to for all intents and purposes other exciting water adventures, Andaman basically offers an unforgettable experience for every adventure seeker.