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Top 5 Winter Wardrobe Staples for Working Daddy

As working daddy, I have sometimes the impression that I am always on the move. During the week commuting to work and back. Having meetings or business lunches. On the weekend, we enjoy activities with the children. May it be children friendly museums or sledging after snow fell.

With all the activities it becomes more important to be dressed appropriately for cold rain, wind, or snow. What I normally go for are classics with good quality that can be worn in almost any weather or events, privately or professionally. If the weather is a bit better, I tend to pep things up with some less wintery items. This reminds me of this German saying that I heard recently, which was something like: There is no bad weather, only bad clothing.

After years of being a working daddy, here are my top 5 winter wardrobes (+pep things if the weather allows it). A disclaimer at the beginning: I work in tech; it is fine that I go for a bit of a casual look at work. If you are an investment banker or feel at home in board rooms, maybe this is not for you. In any case you are very welcome to read on.

Winter Jacket

Let’s start with one main piece in every winter wardrobe, the winter jacket. What I am looking for is a jacket that I can wear professionally and privately, that protects me against the winter rain and wind properly. My winter jacket of choice is the Barbour Everlar Wax Jacket – Dark Green.

I like this jacket, because it has a classic look, combined with durable quality and great weather protective characteristics. It’s perfect for the city commute or weekend activities with the family.

If the weather allows it, I like to pep up things with a leather jacket. There are many nice ones, but lately I am into the biker jacket. Gives vibes from a James Dean movie or Grease. It’s just a timeless classic that can also be useful in spring or autumn.

Winter Boots

Next and as important as the winter jacket are winter boots. After the year hits October or November, I mostly wear winter boots. I was surprised by snow or heavy rain on my way back from work for too many times, which can be uncomfortable. I look for winter boots that are comfortable, protect against rain or snow and are acceptable in the work environment. My winter boots that I wear for years now are Timberland – Broadstreet Chukka Leather Boot.

These shoes are weather resistant and blend style with functionality. Consequently, they are suitable for the office or outside activities.

And again, when the weather allows it, also on the boot level I like to change into something else. After weeks on end, I like to wear my brown Chelsea boots. If you are in a rush, you can just slip them on, and you know you look good with these semi casual / professional boots. You can wear them in an office with a dark suit or with jeans and a t-shirt in your favourite coffee place on a Saturday afternoon.

Winter Jumper

For my winter jumper I follow the same principle – what can I wear in the office and at home with the family. I recently stumbled upon the Trimarl 1/4 Zip Jumper – Dark Red.

First, I like the look, being the cut and the colour. I find it has a professional design but is also cosy. Second, I have the impression it has a very good price / value ratio. So far, the quality seems decent at a reasonable price range.

Winter Trousers

If it comes to winter trousers in the private setting, the difference between winter and summer is long vs. short trousers. I just do not see the point of wearing long trousers in the summer. Thank God for my Tech job. I think my wife will never stop making fun of that. Regarding the professional setting I developed a preference to keep it simple. I go usually for the timeless classic Levi’s 501 Original Jeans.

I can combine this piece with almost everything. It has a good quality, although the price by now has become more and more unreasonable. For now, I keep this classic in my wardrobe, and it has served me well over the years.

Hat & Scarf

In the winter a hat and scarf are necessary for me if I want to avoid having a cold. So, keeping warm with a simple design is normally my way to go. For me it is less of a fashion statement and more a necessity. I currently wear the Jack & Jones Knit Hat & Scarf. My wife found a great deal, which was a gift set providing both for a good price. Really good value for money.


Let’s summarize the most important points here. My main principle is that I want to be able to wear my wardrobe at work and with my family in private. I am a fan of simplifying my wardrobe, while always being comfortable fused with good looks.

The most important elements in working daddy’s winter wardrobe are winter jacket and boots. If you have these two pieces settled, there are little issues that can arise. On top of that do not forget a winter jumper and pair them with a hat as well as a scarf if you want to avoid getting a cold. If you have good winter staples that I have not mentioned here, please let me know!