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5 Tips for Easier Meal Prepping

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Have you considered meal prepping, but you don’t know where to start? Meal prepping isn’t something new; people have been doing this for many years. However, recently, there seems to have been a push towards preparing food for your week or month in advance, so you save time and still enjoy delicious meals.

Essentially, meal prepping is preparing meals that can be stored either in the fridge or the freezer and taken out to be reheated so you don’t need to spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking after a day at work. 

However, if giving up your entire day to make different meals doesn’t seem feasible, this post has some tips on how you can still meal prep without having to block off a whole day cooking for the family.

Choose One Meal

The thought of preparing all of your meals in advance is overwhelming. You can start small with one meal at a time to help you get the hang of it and judge how much time it takes you to do this. Pick the meal that you dread or never give enough time to and prepare meals ahead for those. If you are always too tired to cook after work, then batch-cooking dinner recipes such as a hamburger soup recipe like this, can work well for you; the same goes for breakfasts if you don’t get up early enough and always leave the house hungry or grab something on your way.

Meal Plan

Meal planning is instrumental in successful meal prep ventures. The reason is that you are aware in advance of what you want to eat and can shop for the appropriate ingredients so you know in advance that you have everything and are ready to go. Again, it could be the whole week’s meals or just one of your meals, but a meal plan can help you to get your ingredients in to prepare.

Do A Few Days At A Time

Start small by just making a little bit extra one day when you cook and putting it away. It could be that you make spaghetti bolognese one day but make enough for meals for another 3 days to freeze. The same applies to lasagna, chicken dishes you can add veggies to, or any of your other favourite meals. Don’t just set aside time for cooking once a week; simply make more when you do cook and stock up this way.

Use One Pot Or Slow Cooker Recipes

A slow cooker or a one-pot recipe can be your best friend as it’s the easiest way to prepare meals in large amounts for storage. You simply add your ingredients and leave it to do its thing, and not only do you get delicious meals at the end of it, but you also get less to clean up, too; win-win!

Prep Ingredients Only

Another good option is to just prep your ingredients. What this means is that if you eat the same thing over and over, let’s say salad, but you hate preparing it, then make it ahead of time, store it in a suitable container and use it over the week. This can be applied to anything you eat on a regular basis. You can chop onions, peppers, carrots, etc, and make bases for cups, curries and so on, so you don’t need to make everything from scratch. You already have a head start.