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Avoiding Pitfalls When Moving to the Next-Door Apartment

A move across the hallway or to another building in your apartment complex may seem like a breeze compared to normal long-distance hauls. However, this convenient moving into the same apartment complex situation comes with its unique challenges if not handled properly. Sidestep these frequent missteps to make your local apartment hop smooth sailing.

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Consider Hiring Professional Movers

While the distance is short, the tedious logistics of moving heavy furniture and navigating tight corridors make hiring professional movers a wise choice. Experienced apartment movers have the training and specialized equipment ideal for maneuvering belongings safely through elevators, hallways, and doorways with ease. Their expertise streamlines local moves so you can simply walk out of one home into the next without strain or damage.

Underestimating Moving Time

Thinking an easy jaunt across the parking lot means a quick one to two-hour move is a rookie misstep. Even if just traveling a few hundred feet, shifting furniture, boxes, and loose items through narrow corridors and lobbies proves slower than anticipated. Give yourself a half or full-day minimum.  

Secure Proper Supplies

With the lure of such a short distance, many procrastinate securing enough boxes and protective wrap for their belongings. Sudden rainstorms, crowded carts, and unexpected pathway obstacles make it riskier transporting things unprotected and loosely piled. Box, bundle and wrap all goods safely as if going long distances. Extra padding prevents dings and moisture damage in hallways too.

Forgetting Dismantling Furniture  

Assuming couches, beds, and bookshelves can stay assembled often leads to headaches. While doorways may have accommodated pieces initially, age and settling can create much tighter squeezes between units. Even if making the turn, any contact with walls causes potential scuffs or dents. Be prepared to dismantle large items into lighter, flatter components to streamline navigation. Clear pathways well before time.

Not Scheduling Overlap Time

Scrambling last minute to get into your new home often leads to holdups and delays better avoided upfront. Properly scheduled overlap ensures you have old keys until the very end and access to new ones right away. Once movers bring final carloads, old keys go back and you seamlessly begin the next chapter. Arrange for timely, convenient appointments to pick up and drop off keys, fobs, and key cards at leasing offices too.

Communicate With Neighbors  

Common courtesies like notifying neighbors of moving activities and reserving guest parking spaces prevent tense situations on move day. Give building residents a heads-up about dates and times you’ll occupy elevators or hallways. Clear guest spaces for carrying items easily from doors without feeling rushed. This prevents angry run-ins with residents being blocked or inconvenienced.м

Though incredibly convenient compared to cross-city moves, changing apartments in your current complex requires just as much care and preparation. Enlist enough helping hands, reserve dollies/elevators, dismantle furniture as needed, and protect floors/walls accordingly. With the right precautions, your local hop will make for an easy, stress-free transition within your community.