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What Not to Do When Playing Pub Golf

There’s something wonderfully unique and joyous about pub golf. Scenes of revelry, laughter ringing across rooms, and gentle teasing amongst friends are every day whenever these popular pastimes – pub hopping and golf – converge. While this spirited game has enticed many, there are rules to follow that can make or break your pub golf experience.

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Common Mistakes to Avoid

Start by overdrinking. Remember, this fun-filled game is not a competition of who can drink the most but a test of your strategic skills. The goal is to stay under par—not under the table. In pub golf, ‘par’ refers to the number of sips or drinks needed to complete a hole. This journey is worth relishing sober, not forgetting in a daze.

Funnily enough, pub golfers often concede to another pitfall – losing track of their scores. Carry a physical or digital scorecard to keep track of your drinks. This will prevent any unforeseen arguments about who the reigning Tiger Woods is amongst your friends.

Lastly, adhering to pub rules and etiquette is essential. Remember to respect the establishment’s laws as you would in an actual golf course.

Safety and Respect

Moving on to the next tee, showing regard for other patrons is not just classy – it’s mandatory. Loud cheers are a part of any sport, but we must remember that everyone is there to have a good time. Tone down the excitement if it becomes a disturbance.

Safety cannot be emphasized enough—this only pertains to responsible drinking. Things can sometimes get a little heated in the competition, but make sure that it doesn’t escalate into anything undesirable.

Planning and Preparation

Your golf course in this game is your pub route. Having a poorly planned pub route is like playing golf in the dark – you’ll find more obstacles than the game’s worth. Choose your ‘holes’ wisely, ensuring you have a good mix of par-3 (easier pubs), par-4 (moderate difficulty pubs), and par-5 (challenging pubs) pubs.

Before you tee off, ensure all players fully understand the rules. These rules include what counts as a stroke (a sip or a drink) or how penalties are dealt (additional sips or drinks). Uncertainty around these rules can cause as much dispute as a controversial handicap in actual golf.

Consider the distances between your selected ‘holes’ when preparing your pub route. Too far apart, and you’ll save valuable time in transit. If they are too close together, the game’s challenge may diminish. Aim for a good balance and consider local transport options and timings. This way, your pub golf game will be more about enjoying the journey than reaching the destination – just like actual golf.


In essence, pub golf is designed for joy and merry moments shared between friends. Ensuring that it does not devolve into unsafe or undesirable scenarios involves:

  • Conscious planning.
  • A good understanding of the pub golf rules.
  • Respect for the establishment and fellow patrons.

You can up your game and make your moments count by steering clear of the pitfalls articulated here.