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The Kids Are Growing But Your Home Isn’t: Time To Move

Every family reaches that point. You moved into a beautiful home with space and potential but then life took over. You had one or two kids (maybe more) and, as the years went by and they got bigger, the house started to gradually shrink.

You tried the best you could to make it work but you didn’t buy a home to house a family so big. You’ve done the best you can but the place is crowded and it’s time to move. Of course, moving home is a long-winded process. Here are some pieces of advice to help make it easier.

The Kids Are Growing But Your Home Isn't Time To Move

The new home

First of all, you need to choose a new home which suits your family’s needs. You should do a little research in the local area and find somewhere spacious. The goal is to choose a property big enough for you and your family to grow into. Of course, you may have even found a nice picturesque area in which you’d like to live and you’re planning to build your own property there.

Perhaps there’s a perfect patch of land on which you can envision a garden and a house big enough to home your growing family (even if you don’t plan on having more kids, we all know that your existing ones are only going to get bigger and require more space). You could seek the help of experts on compulsory purchase compensation to get advice with regards to developing property on a piece of land within a certain timescale and budget. You shouldn’t put hurdles in your way if this is what you think your family needs; find the most feasible route to your end-goal.

Sort through your possessions

Before you and your family pack for this brand new adventure, you need to go through the house and declutter every room. You might think that cleaning and tidying is pointless when you’ll be packing everything up anyway, but that’s exactly the point; maybe you shouldn’t pack up everything. Part of the reason as to why your current household feels so cluttered and claustrophobic might be that you all own too many things.

When you move house, it’s a chance for a fresh start; you don’t want to bring all that clutter with you and end up back at square one. Throw a yard sale to make some money from any junk that’s still worthwhile (the proceeds can go towards renovations in your new home) and simply dispose of anything beyond saving. There’s more junk in your house than you might think and getting rid of it will make the packing-up process easier; you’ll need fewer boxes.

Be prepared for moving day

Finally, when you’re packing up everything, make sure you’re thinking about moving day. Make things as simple as possible; don’t just chuck things into boxes and tell yourself that it’s fine to do so because you’ll just be unpacking it all again anyway. You’re going to struggle to find the things you need on day one if you do things that way. Unpacking will be very time-consuming and stressful if you don’t label boxes and do things in an ordered way.

You might also want to pack suitcases with the bare essentials (put them in your car and not the moving van). Toiletries, clothing, and valuable possessions should go in these bags so that you can get to them straight away. If there was a delay with the removal truck or you couldn’t find precious items amongst the sea of packed boxes then that would make moving day doubly stressful for everyone.

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