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How To Survive Running A Store

Whether your store is part of a large chain, or an independent shop that local people in your town use to do their shopping, it can be very difficult to compete with other brands and prices. This is made even more difficult when other stores are holding huge sales, and you notice that your customer base dies down a little. Luckily, there are some steps that you can take to keep your head above water.

How To Survive Running A Store


First and foremost, you need to make sure that you’re researching to make sure that what you’ve got on sale is what the people are after. It’s all well and good owning a shop, but if you’re not selling what people need then it’s unlikely that you’re going to gain much custom. Research what people are after in your local area, and get the products in so that you can begin making a profit.


Secondly, you can’t just expect people to wander into your shop magically, especially in this day and age. An easy solution here is to advertise your store and what offers that you’ve got on at that time. A great idea would be to write a weekly newsletter for the coming week informing people of what deals you’ve got coming up so that they don’t miss it. Getting a space in the local newspaper, and utilising social media will all help with advertising your store. Whatever kind of advertising you can get out there for people to see will greatly help sales within the business.


There will always come a time when things go wrong or need repairing, and if it’s a piece of machinery like your barcode scanners, it will make you and your employees lives very difficult. Using a service like mobile computer repair will allow you to get back up and running as soon as possible.

A great idea is to have a list of services and repair companies that you can call if and when something goes wrong. Make sure that all employees know where this list is too incase you’re not on site.


Speaking of employees, they can make or break a business if they aren’t trained properly. There’s a saying which is “the store is only as good as the worst employee allows it to be”, and it’s totally true. Make sure that all members of staff receive training on customer service, and all other aspects of the job that they need to be trained on. Lay out ground rules when it comes to dealing with customers and you will find yourself with a much better work team. Also, ensuring they’ve had the correct training will prevent them from harming themselves on any machinery too.

Take this advice into consideration when it comes to your store and you will soon see how easy it is to keep your head above water. Good luck with the new techniques you will be applying!

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