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Garage Remodel: Turn Your Garage into a DIY Heaven

Every person who is a DIY veteran knows that no project can happen without an appropriate workspace with all the necessary tools and equipment. So, if you have a big garage that can support all your crazy projects, you only need to equip it properly. Alternatively, for those not lucky enough to have a structure already in place, you can look at DIY steel garage shop kits on sites such as Sunward Steel and erect your own workshop or car repair shop! Here’s how you can turn your ordinary garage into a real workshop.

Garage Remodel Turn Your Garage into a DIY Heaven


Clutter doesn’t only look ugly, but it takes away your precious storage space and costs you time that you waste rummaging through piles of unorganized tools. But, most of all, clutter is a huge hazard in the workspace, since you can trip and slip on items lying on the floor, or even get hit on the head by falling objects. So, begin your garage makeover with a little declutter. Throw away everything that is broken and can’t be fixed, and donate everything you haven’t used in the past few years. The most important places you should keep clean and tidy are floors and your workstation. This gives you the ability to move around without any danger and gives you elbow room for those bigger projects. Check out more garage tips at StapleSearch.

Appropriate flooring options

If you want your workshop to be clean and safe, you need good floors. Concrete is everyone’s go-to, but it stains very easily and it traps a lot of dust and dirt into its pores. However, if you use an epoxy finish on your concrete floor, it will be much easier to keep clean and it will provide you with a better grip. You may want to call in the expertise of an Epoxy floor company in Arkansas, or wherever you are based, to get the job done for you. Additionally, if you’re planning on spending a lot of time in your garage, you can check out rubber mats. These will provide you with a softer surface that’s much easier on your joints during those longer DIY projects.

Provide electricity

If you’re serious about using power tools, you can’t have cables and extension cords running all over your garage. Every serious workshop needs a sufficient number of sockets for charging and plugging in different devices like a garage heater, for example. If you don’t know much about electricity, it’s best to ask for professional help here, since this is complicated work that might even require an upgrade to your electrical box. If you don’t have space for additional sockets, you can invest in retractable extension cords that are mounted on the ceiling and don’t make a lot of mess.

Install good lighting

Since garages usually don’t get enough natural light, you will need plenty of artificial lighting installed in appropriate places. For instance, track bulbs give away plenty of overhead lighting and are pretty easy to install. To avoid pesky shadows, invest in a few mobile clip-on lamps you can move around as you like. Also, don’t forget to be green and use LEDs instead of traditional bulbs.

Air quality is important

Since almost all workshop tasks require good ventilation, you’ll have to work on that too. Small windows usually don’t do much, but a ceiling exhaust system might do the trick. You can also install a dust removal apparatus or air vents if you’re serious about your DIY projects. These will protect your health, clothes and machines, and make your workshop a more pleasant space.

Cooling and heating

Most garages don’t get the insulation treatment that houses get, which means your workshop will be super hot in the summer and freezing cold in winter. However, if you get a heater or a portable air conditioning unit, they will make the atmosphere in your garage more pleasant all year round. Just make sure to keep them away from your furniture and power tools.

Invest in a good workbench

The workbench is the star of every workshop. You have to make sure it’s sturdy enough to take hits and vibrations from tools and hammers. Invest in a top that’s resistant to stains and dents, and provide your bench with solid supporting columns. If you don’t have space for a freestanding workbench, folding ones are also a good solution.

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Add some colour to the space

Once you finish all the technical parts of your garage makeover, it’s time to have some fun. Invest in durable garage paint in your favourite colour and bring your space to life. You can also add a comfy armchair for breaks and a compact fridge for some refreshment. Putting up a few inspirational images is also a good idea that will push you to go forward with your projects.

Maximize storage

After you invest in expensive tools, you’ll want to keep them safely stored. Tool boxes and chests are the best solutions. You can also get movable tool cabinets, but avoid getting used ones at flea markets that can damage your tools. Also, a good ol’ pegboard is a great way to add storage space to your walls. It allows easy access and good organization.

Giving your garage a makeover can be a great experience that will slowly ease you into the world of DIY or just give DIY veterans a better and more functional space to work. So, roll up your sleeves and get busy.