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Guest Post: 7 Significant Tips to Save Money on Your Kid’s Birthday Party 


Birthdays are special and it has become a ritual to celebrate every child’s birthday with immense pomp and grandeur. But one must understand that as parents in order to make your child’s birthday memorable, you don’t have to break the bank.

7 Significant Tips to Save Money on Your Kid’s Birthday Party

After all, when the kids are all grown up they are going to remember the things that you did for them and the time that you spent with them. They will certainly not like the fact that their parents had to break the bank for throwing a party for them.

Added to that, you can organise a pretty awesome birthday party without spending immensely, just read on.

  • Plan Ahead for the Birthday Party – As early as possible start planning for the birthday party. This will help you get the best deals for everything that you need for a great birthday bash for the kids as you have ample time. Moreover, this reduces the risk of having to buy things last minute.
  • Send Digital Invitations – You can save money on the paper invitations by opting for digital invitations instead. You can get plenty of colourful options online.
  • Use Party Printables that are Free – You will find some awesome party printables online. You can get them for free too! You will come across party printable packages that include invitations, water bottles, birthday banners and much more. Make use of them and you can save yourself from getting over-burdened.
  • Invest in Reusable Party Supplies – Reusable party goods are great for creating traditions as well as save immensely over the course of your baby, toddler and adolescent years. One suggestion that you often hear is that it is always wise to purchase reusable party supplies instead of the disposable ones that are meant for one-time use only. Mason jars, sturdy décor items, plastic cups, placemats and vinyl tablecloths can be cleaned up and put away. Stick to the solid colours so they don’t get out of style. This way you don’t have to keep purchasing these items every year.
  • Have a Party at the House or Park – Even without shelling out hundreds of bucks you can still arrange a fun birthday party. You can go for a “nature scavenger hunt” at the park in the local area or arrange a home cooking party. You can go for making pizzas or decorating cupcakes. You can also arrange for “sleep-under” or sleepover where the little ones come in their PJs and have popcorn while watching a movie.
  • Don’t Go for Crazy Goody Bags – You don’t have to go overboard on filling the goody bags up. Only a few items that are inexpensive will do the trick.
  • Plan the Party Out of the Prime Mealtimes – A crowd accumulates too fast when you are throwing a party at mealtimes. To avoid that you can throw the party in the mid-morning or noon. Also you should mention that it is a kids’ only party. This way you can save a bit on food too while organising the party.

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The above are some of the ways in which you can throw a memorable party for your kids without making a pinch on your pocket. These are suggested by a reputed event agency that has been in this industry for quite some time now and has organised a number of successful events over the years.

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