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Tips to Keep Your Home Cool In Summer

Everything is good about the summer season except the scorching heat it brings with it. Even our homes get heated up, especially the rooms that get direct sunlight. We have rounded up some tips to keep your home cool during summer time.

Tips to Keep Your Home Cool In Summer

Window Blinds

Using the correct window blinds in your home can make a big difference when it comes to keeping the heat out, and also the designer electric blinds enhance the home decor. Blinds help you get the required privacy along with the protection from the Sun’s heat. Roller blinds with various material and fabric are available online that help in keeping the harmful UV rays out.

Blackout Vertical Blinds

They are perfect to keep your home cool during the summer. If you want to completely block the light from, say your bedroom then blackout vertical blinds are just perfect. Also, the blackout blinds help you get the required privacy. Sun-blocking blackout blinds are energy saving and help your room look darker than the normal shades. Even when the summer Sun is shining with all its might, you can enjoy your cool dark room as if it’s night. Blackout blinds keep the room cool by controlling the temperature as they absorb the outside heat.

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Air Conditioning

During the hottest months, installing an air conditioning system in your home will help to keep you cool. These systems will need regular air conditioning maintenance in order to keep the filters as clean as possible, so make sure to find a trustworthy company to do this for you! AC units are great for leaving on during the night when the air becomes still and humid, so you will want to be confident it’s working correctly! 

Energy Efficient Window Blinds

During the summer as the temperature outside rises so the temperature inside your home too rises. And this in turn increases the cost of your energy bills. With energy efficient materials for window blinds, you can lessen heat gain and save on energy costs. At Solar Blinds you can explore a great pocket-friendly range of energy efficient materials and fabrics to choose from for window blinds. The designer blinds with energy efficient materials can help enhance your home decor, keep it cool and thus help you save money on your electricity bill.

Solar Rejection Material

Window blinds with solar rejection materials are very efficient in keeping the sun rays out. Such materials have the most effective solar rejecting properties. These are available at Solar Blinds online in the option of clear vision embossed films that comes in various colours including dark grey, silver and emerald green. Another option in this category is the blackout material. The blackout fabric is available in various colour options including blue, beige, grey, white and copper.

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds can keep the heat out of your home while also giving you extra privacy. Light filtering readymade roller blinds keep the sun’s heat out of your home while still letting the light in. This helps you save money on your electricity bill. Roller blinds with embossed cobalt reflective clear vision material available at Solar Blinds are effective at Glare reduction (97%) and Solar Energy rejection (92%). With these blinds you can get rid of the summer heat, UV rays and keeps your home cool.