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Family vacations in Spain and Portugal

Keeping the kids entertained on holiday is half the battle when you want to get away from it all, lie back and relax in the sun. With Spain and Portugal offering more choice than ever before, we thought it was time we took a closer look at everything on offer so that you can find your ideal family-friendly destination this summer.

Family vacations in Spain and Portugal - 1


Spain’s largest region certainly offers fun and variety when it comes to tourist options that are fit for the whole family. For the adults, there is a broad array of history and culture to immerse yourself in. The children will be more than happy with the beach and outdoor adventure parks.

When you want to enjoy a family day out that will become the highlight of the trip, there’s also plenty to choose from. Flamenco dancing shows and exhilarating bullfighting performances give you a taste of the local culture and are high-energy enough for your little ones to stay interested and on their best behaviour all the way through!

Family vacations in Spain and Portugal


The sun kissed beaches and crystal clear water make Mallorca a destination of choice for many families during the summer months. With a whole host of resorts to choose from, children’s entertainment will be well taken care of. You’ll be able to get a little peace and quiet just the two of you as you lie back and work on this year’s tan.

The rocky corners of the beaches provide a great free source of entertainment for your little ones as they head off and explore nature’s curiosities before joining you for an ice cream and a quick paddle in the sea before dinner.


Located in the center of the Algarve in Portugal, Vilamoura offers something for all ages which makes it the ideal destination for young families. With welcoming accommodation that is geared towards keeping your little ones smiling and out of mischief, you’ll be able to get the welcome break that you’ve been searching for. The activities are so varied that you won’t know where to go first.

Starting the morning with a gentle stroll through the serene pine forests can be a calming start to the day and the excitement that lays ahead. There are riding schools that cater to all ages, an exciting nightlife and a selection of professional level golf courses. Ideal for giving you plenty to see and do on your long-awaited family vacation.

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The final entry on our list offers something a little different, and for good reason. Situated in the quiet section of the Algarve, Quintamar is a small self-catered resort that sits peacefully on the Ria Formosa nature reserve. This gives you the freedom and privacy that you don’t often get when you go abroad, and allows you to spend that relaxing quality time with your partner and little ones that so often escapes us during the busy, always on the move days at home.

The accommodation is typically family run, with some even having an array of live-in pets and a petting zoo to keep your children entertained. Wood burning stoves and quaint decor are the norm in an area that focuses more on getting in touch with nature and spending quality time with each other than it does on huge days out and endless sightseeing. Ideal for making the whole family feel at home the moment you step off the plane and walk through the door.

I hope this quick rundown has given you plenty of ideas of what’s out there when you come to decide on your next family holiday. Now all you have to do is book it!