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How Both You and Your Family can be Financially Secure

We’re in 2018, the 21 st Century. Technological advancements even in the last 10 years have been mind boggling, and nowadays almost everyone has a smart phone. Yet despite this, people still are struggling financially. Even with all the technology in people’s homes, behind the curtain there is debt, and uncertainty. This is accelerated if you have a family to look after.

How Both You and Your Family can be Financially Secure

Don’t get me wrong, I love my children and wouldn’t change them for the world, but we all know having kids is very expensive. You have to be ready for them emotionally and physically.

With worries like your child’s safety and family well-being, it is hard to find the time to plan and budget. This guide will give you some tips how to live happily and comfortably with limited resources. You should also consider investing FOR your child when they’re young. What I mean by that is things like:

  • Premium Bonds
  • Savings Bank Account
  • Stick to a Budget
  • Try and pay off card debts

First, I encourage your kids to interact and spend less time on their phones, so don’t buy them a smartphone until they really need one, which will save you as a parent a lot of money. Out of fear of letting their kids “fall behind” everyone else, too many mothers and fathers rush to buy their child the latest gadget or technology. The reality is that kids don’t need so many gadgets, smartphones and tablets when they’re young. This may change when they reach high school and start wanting to spend more time alone with their friends, with schedules becoming more hectic as well.

As a mother, I always think to myself: I’m showing my daughters how they should be a parent in the future. Don’t coddle them, teach your kids the hard facts about the internet. Of course, the internet is a maze of wonder and magic, so don’t restrict your children too much. But as I did with my kids:

  • No phones until they’re 14
  • Internet time is limited
  • Teach them what is NOT okay on the internet

Children don’t need big presents all the time and shouldn’t be spoiled. They just need your affection and love. This is the mistake parents often make and shapes how your child will be in the future. You can save a lot of time and money by simply teaching your child the basics!

Bio:  Amy Scholl
Youth Technology Safety Specialist at Kidguard
Dedicated to finding the best child safety measures for parents, grounded in research. Being knowledgeable about youth online usage is a key component of effective 21st century parenting.