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How Not To Do Product Packaging

There is nothing more infuriating that receiving an eagerly awaited package, to find you can’t access it. Or worse still, to find your item is damaged because of poor packaging. After investing in a product, customers don’t want to discover they won’t even have an opportunity to use it. And whilst some sellers are exempt from reimbursing damaged products that have been affected in the post, it will impact upon their customer ratings, costing you profit in the long term. If you are packing a lot, and looking for machinery to create perfect boxes sealed and ready to go – automatically forming, folding and sealing boxes from flatpack inserts, you may be interested in a box erector. If so, you can buy a box erector here.

What’s more, if you want to capture your customer’s attention, bold and exciting packaging is the way to do it. It’s important you make your product stand out amongst the others like it, drawing the customers to your brand and hopefully, building up a loyal customer base.

Keep your packaging pristine and effective from the moment it goes on the shelf to the day it’s delivered through the door with these tips on how NOT to do it.

How Not To Do Product Packaging

Boring Packaging

Particularly if you’re looking for packaging to encase products that will be on show, whether they be on store shelves or online, you’ll need to consider how aesthetically pleasing they are. Regardless of the products purpose, it still needs to attract the buyer’s attention.

By applying bright colours and making the images personal, you can make your product look different to those being advertised by competitors and gain an advantage over them.

Promoting Wrap Rage

Every year there are numerous cases that reach the emergency room, caused by nothing other than difficult packaging! Yes, really. In fact, the type of anger provoked by this type of packaging has even been given a name, wrap rage.
Silvia Selman from the All In Packaging notes that behind every product protected by plastic clamshell packaging, are exasperated customers struggling to find a way in. So by providing your customers a way of getting into your packaging easily, whether it is through Supastrip or another device, you’ll be sure to heighten customer satisfaction rates.

Brand it!

You want your customers to remember you. Of course, this doesn’t mean spamming all packaging and products with your brand logo. However, custom printed boxes with a discrete (and pretty) image on your packaging will keep your brand fresh in the customer’s mind when they receive their item. This will ensure that they remember who was behind their positive purchasing experience and increase your chances of being noticed in the marketing world. 

The cruel truth is, if we have two similar products to choose from, we’ll ultimately decide according to which has the nicest packaging. Make sure that’s yours.

Cut The Crap … Literally.

Excess packaging. It’s not good for the environment, it’s not healthy for your purse-strings and it’s certainly not appreciated by the customer. By choosing more efficient packaging, you can keep your products safe and save on postage by shedding the many layers of packaging you really don’t need.

How is this done? It doesn’t need to be complicated, you could swap your packaging to torba papierowa z logo (otherwise known as branded paper bags), not only are these lightweight and produce less waste, they can be adorned with any kind of branding you wish. Swapping to something simple allows you to cut costs and reduce waste without sacrificing the aesthetic appeal that packaging can provide. If you feel you need something more heavy duty for transit purposes, recycled cardboard can be used to reinforce the packaging and keep things minimal.

Packaging can have a huge influence over not only the reception of your product but your company as a whole. Your entire service must be lawless from start to finish. Yet often, attention to packaging goes forgotten. Using packaging machines such as the horizontal form fill seal machine, you can achieve excellent product packaging!

With these simple changes, you can boost your sales and better protect and present your products. Show you care about your customers and your products by paying attention to the little things.