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Car Servicing – Why It’s So Important

I have to admit, I rely heavily on my car to get me to work and back every weekday, ferry the kids to ballet classes, swimming and much more!

I’m sure all parents with kids want to make sure their car is in good working order to ensure no harm comes to your loved ones. That’s why car servicing is so important and is something that should be carried out yearly.

I’m writing the post to provide you an insight on what car servicing involves, how often you should get this done and whether you need a full service each year or not.

There are many benefits to servicing your car, such as:

  • When it comes to selling your car, it will be easier if you have the full servicing history
  • It saves money on fuel because your car will be running much more efficiently
  • Prolongs the value of your car
  • Reduces the risk of breakdown
  • And most importantly, it keeps your vehicle safe to drive!

Car Servicing

Interim & Full Car Servicing

There are two main types of car service, a full service and an interim service. Let’s explore each one in more detail and how often they should be carried out on your car.

Interim Service

Most garages will recommend that an interim service is carried out every 6 months or every 6,000 miles which ever comes first.

This is especially crucial if your a high mileage driver as it will make sure your car is safe and roadworthy in between a full service.

An interim service usually includes checks on essential elements such as your fluid levels, your lights and instruments. They also tend to include checks on your tryes and suspension along with a visual brake check in some cases.

So if you are racking up the mileage then I’d recommend you think about booking an interim service.

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Full Service

Full car services are crucial yearly programmes that will offer a lot more than interim services do. Most garages recommend they are carried out once a year or after 12,000, whichever arrives first.

Full services will help maintain your vehicle to ensure it remains roadworthy and safe to drive which reduces the risk of breakdown.

Everything that is checked within an interim service is included with a full service along with a number of more in depth check on certain elements.

There is usually a full inspection of your brakes, your fuel filter and air filter. There will also be thorough checks of elements under the bonnet such as radiator pipes and hoses.

It’s fair to say that a full car service once a year is a small price to pay in order to ensure the safety of your family and prolong the value of your car!