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A Family Car Checklist You Can’t Afford To Ignore

As the parent of a young, and potentially growing (congrats) family; there’s no doubt that you’ll need a car to suit your various needs and requirements. If you’ve got kids, you’ll already understand the growing responsibilities they bring, and having access to transport that won’t let you down, will alleviate at least some of the pressure (not all of it, but some). Therefore, if you’ve been considering buying a new car, it might be the perfect time to do some research. Dealerships, showrooms, and garages will understand the importance of this major investment, so don’t be fearful to visit plenty, and test drive what you like the sound and look of.

It’s always worth turning up as prepared as possible so that you’re not persuaded to make a purchase that might not be quite right for your needs. So, it’s time to get out a notebook and pen, and write a thorough checklist of things you’re not prepared to compromise on, so you can get a better idea of where your budget is taking you. The following are some ideas on what you’ll need to put on your family car checklist so that you’ll end up with a vehicle that’s perfect for household.

A Family Car Checklist You Can't Afford to Ignore

Think Practically First

You may well have been seduced by the new Aston Martin DB11 and the power of its V8 engine. However, with a couple (or more) kids, your other half, perhaps the family dog, and all the cargo and mess that comes with them, you might need to look elsewhere for a suitable vehicle to get everyone to school on a rainy Monday. Save those Aston Martin dreams for a bit further down the line (fingers crossed). Thinking practically will start with the interior space of the car. You’ll need to fit everyone in, and in their carseats, comfortably, and still have room fo the school bags and a weekly shop.

Think about height and legroom for your growing family, and go from there. You’ll want something that’s pretty fuel efficient too; gas-guzzling vehicles will become a drain on your household income, so it’s worth looking into cars that use-up petrol moderately. Remember that you don’t need to get to 60 mph in less than 4 seconds, so don’t make horsepower a priority.

You Can Still Enjoy Extra Features

Just because you’re buying a practical family car, doesn’t mean that it has to be boring. You can make the most of the technology that’s available in most vehicles, and focus on the things that will help and enhance family life. A clear and full infotainment screen is an excellent way to ensure you’re equipped for any weather conditions, and can play your kids the music they love enroute to school (apart from that Daddy Shark song; delete that). Perhaps it’s worth considering something with screens in the back so that your little ones can enjoy Peppa Pig on long car journeys.

Comfort will be key for a pleasant drive too; armrests in the front and back, and even heated seats, could all benefit you and your passengers. You can make each drive feel a little luxurious, even when you’re popping to Asda because you forgot to buy milk, that’s why it’s worth deciding what you want, before you head out to a showroom. Good luck!

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