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Are Your Children’s Clothes Practical?

As a father of 3 beautiful children, I know just how much running about they do on a daily basis! I really don’t know where they get their everlasting energy from sometimes.

Whether they are running around in the garden, jumping on the trampoline, dancing or simply being crazy – one things for sure, they need to have practical clothes that don’t restrict their movement too much!

If your taking your children over to the park on a nice sunny day, the last thing they need is a heavy pair of restrictive jeans that prevents them from climbing and running! This is why it’s so important to make sure you have some practical clothes for those play days!

Children’s Leggings

Stretchy Leggings

I’d highly recommend a good pair of leggings for your children. They provide a good level of flexibility and they aren’t too heavy!

Love Leggings is a company that provides high quality leggings for children. They have a wide range of types and colours to choose from. For my two daughters, I was sent a pair of full length pink leggings and can honestly say they are brilliant!

My children love them and said they are really comfortable. We tested them out over the park and they had no issues when running around being crazy!

They are made mostly from cotton which is why they are so comfortable. They also have a soft knit waistband which only adds to the comfort!

Jeans and skirts are good for when your going out to the pub or going to a family occasion but if your going to the wacky warehouse for example, you just can’t beat a good pair of leggings!

Comfortable T-shirts

Another element you need to consider for your children is their tops. You don’t want a t-shirt that is too baggy or too tight either.

Your children need to be as comfortable as possible when playing so they can carry on without being interrupted!

Making sure they have a good quality t-shirt or top that fits well and is made from comfortable material is really important.

A company called Frugi provide a really good range of practical tops and t-shirts, check them out here – https://www.welovefrugi.com/kids-clothes/tops-and-t-shirts

The next time you are due to visit the park or wacky warehouse, stop and ask yourself whether you have the appropriate clothing for your children!