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The Benefits of Using Wheelchair Pressure Relief Cushions

Whether someone is using the Best power wheelchairs, custom wheelchairs, or standard hospital wheelchairs; there’s always a risk of pressure sores or discomfort from prolonged usage. Wheelchair pressure relief cushions are made with the sole intention of reducing the risk of sores or injuries caused by pressure. It works by ensuring the even and equal distribution of pressure, providing stability and support. It accommodates deformities and improves comfort and also helps in the redistribution of the body weight of a person to their other lesser vulnerable body parts.

Wheelchair Pressure Relief Cushions

This is how a patient receives optimal, stable and functional seating position which also helps in protecting your skin effectively from the development of pressure ulcers. However, constant manoeuvre is needed, no matter what cushion is used, because the blood flow of the patient should not be blocked or disturbed.

The wheelchair pressure relief cushions tend to be particularly popular due to the easy transportation that they provide and the simple application of it to various different surfaces of seating, other than wheelchairs. It is to be mentioned here that such standard cushions present a mean pressure of more than 60 mm Hg and the peak pressure more than 100 mm Hg during each of the diverse static postures along with when the wheelchair is in motion. Postural changes which can happen during the functional shifts in weight can become a helping factor with wheelchair pressure relief cushions. You will find several benefits of using such cushions.

wheelchair gel seat cushion

Some Top Essential Benefits:

  1. Comfort: Cushions for pressure relief are created using many different materials, according to the needs of the person as they make the person sitting on the wheelchair comfortably help them perform daily activities with ease. Materials like memory foam have qualities of body-forming and heat sensitivity that add to the comfort of the patient. It is indeed beneficial.
  2. Body shaping: The body shaping abilities of wheelchair pressure relief cushions help people in wheelchairs to maintain the proper shape of their body. It also enables their spinal cord to uphold its straight shape as an unwary shape of the spinal cord can be harmful for the patient. There are many ways to keep yourself upright if you are that much privileged to not be on a wheelchair; however, if that is not the case, opting for such cushions is a good idea.
  3. Redistribution of weight: Redistribution of body weight is very important as it helps to reduce unnecessary stress to the vulnerable parts of a body. The cushions of pressure relief provide for an excellent way to get relief from various pains that are related to pressure. The manufacturers of wheelchair pressure relief cushions pay special attention to the materials so as to maintain a constant distribution.
  4. Prevention of pressure ulcers: Pressure ulcers can result in horrendous conditions for a person sitting in a wheelchair. If it is not treated in time or not prevented properly, its effects can last long and pretty torturous for the person suffering from it. Thus, wheelchair pressure relief cushions help to prevent pressure ulcers efficiently. However, it is to be made sure that movement is made after constant periods of time, as the cushions cannot be only held responsible.
  5. Stability: Stability is an important factor for proper shaping of the body, wheelchair pressure relief cushions provide maximum stability to the person sitting on the wheelchair. The solid shape of the product makes for great use to patients that have trouble staying steady.

Wheelchair pressure relief cushions serve as a way of imparting sitting behavior which helps the person sitting on the wheelchair by providing maximum comfort and right body posture. The unique combination provided by the cushion of optimal positioning and superior redistribution of pressure makes it very useful to wheelchair patients who are suffering from pressure pains or have to chance to do the same. It is essential to care for such issues as your health or the health of your loved one may depend upon it. Mere medicines do not cure, all it needs a bit of care.