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Planning Your Summer Driving Holiday

Driving holidays are a great fit for families. Not only do you get to enjoy multiple stops in different destinations, but you’re in control of your travel plans. With kids in tow, it’s good to be able to stop when you want, as well as ensure that they are happy and comfortable.

You’ve got a wider choice of driving holidays than you might have first thought. You can travel all over the UK or hop on a ferry to Ireland, or you can take the opportunity to drive to Europe and see what’s on offer on the continent.

Whatever you decide to do, use these tips to help plan your summer driving holiday for your best getaway yet.

Planning Your Summer Driving Holiday

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Plan your route carefully

With so many possibilities of where to go, you should think long and hard about your route. For shorter holidays, you might want to think about staying in the UK. For longer driving holidays, however, you could venture further afield to France and beyond and enjoy multiple destinations along the way.

When planning your route, think about how long you want to drive for each day, where your breaks will be and where you plan on staying. Booking your accommodation in advance will save you a lot of hassle and means you have somewhere to aim for each night.

Make sure your vehicle is up to scratch

To ensure a successful road trip, you’re going to need to make sure that your vehicle is up to scratch. Will it last the distance on a trip entailing thousands of miles? If not, it’s time to trade it in. You’ll find excellent deals at Trade Price Cars for all sorts of used cars, allowing you to pick something with low mileage that will be perfect for your trip. Make sure the car is serviced and is confidently roadworthy before you set off. I’d also make sure your air con is recharged too! Here’s an article that shows you how to do this – https://www.advancedautoglazing.co.uk/how-do-i-recharge-my-air-con/

Bring the fun

Being in the car for hours on end can be miserable for all, but having bored children in the backseat will make things miserable for all involved. The key to surviving a long car journey with children involves some in-car activities, possibly an entertainment system as well as making sure there are enough drinks and snacks. Play some classic car games and enjoy each other’s company – a lot of the fun will come from the journey!

Enjoy the destination

When you get to your destination, make sure you enjoy it. Plan plenty of fun things for when you’re there and take the time to relax – you deserve it after all of the driving. Driving holidays can be a fun way to make memories with your family, so you’ll no doubt want to do it all again next year. Plan your stay at nice places like Tuscany Villas where you can have all the fun and relaxation you need after long driving hours.

Looking for some inspiration for your driving holiday? Why not look at walking the Camino with your kids? It’s a beautiful part of northern Spain and you’ll be able to stop at plenty of amazing stops on the way!