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10 Incredible Ideas for Gardening Gifts for Her

Do you want to surprise your wife, mother, sister or girlfriend with a gardening gift? Truth is most gardeners have their own tools, pots, seeds and everything else they need to make their gardens amazing and thriving. However, you can still surprise your loved ones with some of those great gardening gifts that we’ve picked for you:

1. Compost Bin

Nowadays people are striving to live in an eco-friendly way. Gardeners have a huge opportunity to in this area. A compost bin is a great gift idea, because it is not only function but can also save them money in the long-term. Aside from buying a compost bin, you can also help your gardener friend to make their own fertilizer. This could be a great chance to spend some time with your loved ones and work on a project together.

2. Garden Kneeler or Pad

Protecting your knees while kneeling in the garden is important for every gardener as they have to do that a lot. It could be painful to kneel right in the ground every time. Luckily you can buy your loved ones either a garden kneeler ot a pad that will protect their knees and help them steady themselves when they are getting up. A garden kneeler can be very functional as it can come with pockets for tools and seeds. On the other hand, a pad can be fashionable and designed in their favorite color or patterns

3. Gardening Tote

Another fashionable gift idea is a gardening tote. They are very functional and trendy. Moreover, they keep everything organized. Gardening totes come in different colors, patterns and sizes that will fit everyone’s needs.

4. Garden Signs

Garden signs are one of the cutest gift ideas for a garden. They can say pretty much anything that you want – from pointing directions, to inspirational words, to humoristic phrases. This is a fun gift idea that will add some design, personality and creativity to your loved one’s garden.

5. Birdhouse

A birdhouse is an awesome gift idea for any gardener. They want to encourage birds to reside in their gardens because they’re not only lovely creatures which songs put everyone in a great mood, but they also feed on a lot of pests. 

You can either buy a birdhouse or build it yourself to make it more personal. You can paint it in different colors and build it in different sizes that will fit your friend’s garden.

6. Gardening Hat

Gardening hats are a perfect gift for a gardener. They are also trendy, cool, fun and functionable. Especially on hot summer days, everyone needs to put on a hat to protect themselves from the sun. But floppy sun hats can also be weared on the beach or at parties. They are pretty cool for photoshoots too!

7. Gardening Journal

Gardening journals are definitely an important item for every gardener. They allow them to record important events that have happened in their gardens such as planting seeds, having pests problems, sprouting flowers, mowing the lawn and many others. It’s important to keep track of those event in order to plan for the future maintenance of the garden. There are special gardening journals and logs you can buy that are specially designed for every gardner’s needs.

8. Plant Stand

Plant stands are also a great gift for the garden. It will allow your loved ones to show off with their beautiful plants. Moreover, if they have limited space, plant stands are perfect for vertical gardening. They come in different colours, shapes and styles, so you can’t make a mistake with this gift.

9. Gloves

Gloves are an important item for every gardener. They keep their hands clean and healthy and protect them from cuts and thorns. Most probably your loved one, already have a pair. Nonetheless, gardeners need to change them regularly, so a new pair will never be redundant. There are so many fashionable choices that you can choose from, that will definitely make your gardening friends happy.

10. Gardening Books

Finally, no home and garden are complete without gardening books. Gardeners love to learn more about their hobby and there are plenty of gardening books out there for every need. From growing seasonal flowers to planting vegetables, there is a lot of essential information and tips that can be learned from those books. They are also great for generating gardening ideas as we know that our friends love to be creative.

There you have it. Ten great gift ideas for gardeners to surprise your loved ones. You might get inspired to start working on your own garden too! 

Author’s Bio:Name: Dimo Koev

Dimo has 10+ years of experience in landscaping services, garden design and maintenance, lawn care, turfing, hedge trimming, weeding, fencing, decking, patio and driveway laying, planting, garden clearance, and more. He is the president of Professional Gardening Services, which delivers the bespoke gardening services in London. Dimo believes in constantly adapting, innovating and learning about his industry in order to deliver the best service to his clients. That’s why he is so enthusiastic and eager to share his knowledge and skills with everyone who needs gardening advice.