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Great Things About Scotland You Might Not Be Aware Of – But Should Be

Ok, we’ve all got our own ideas about what makes Scotland great, haven’t we?

Beautiful countryside, mountains, lochs, historic cities – and the national animal’s a unicorn, of course. Yes, that’s true – look it up!

Unicorns aside…there are so many things about this country that deserve shouting up about – and you might not be aware of.

It’s the home of some really fantastic food

Because the Atlantic is on the doorstep – and due to a combination of fertile soils and the climate, you’ll find really great food there. You could say it has its own natural larder.

From Aberdeen Angus beef, Stornoway black pudding, Arbroath smokies and Shetland salmon to shellfish.  And not to forget the whisky, ales, scones, shortbread, haggis and cranachan – it’s a culinary heaven for foodies.

The house prices are really competitive

Ok, you might not be thinking about moving at the moment but, if you are, Scotland’s a really great choice.  The house prices are really competitive, so it’s a brilliant place to relocate to – or invest in.

And there’s a huge range of housing options to choose from – waterfront apartments, large Victorian houses, more modern homes – and country cottages.

The competitive prices have fuelled the growth of property development in Scotland – and it’s a really popular place for foreign investment. In fact, it’s the most attractive in the UK outside London – and that’s only set to increase in the next decade. 

Huge space – small population

Scotland’s a big country – there;s no denying that. It covers 78,387 square kilometres, compared to England’s 130,395 and, like Australia, most of it is empty. 

Just a short drive from the major cities you’ll find green open spaces and vast, unrivalled landscapes. This provides a really great mix of experiences – whether you’re just in Scotland for a break, or choose to make it your home.  And it would be a fantastic environment to live a good life when you’re a busy working parent.

Scottish people love tradition – but they welcome everyone

Yes, tradition and heritage might be synonymous with Scottish culture – but Scotland itself is really open to other cultures.  It’s an outward looking country, which welcomes outsiders, new trends and people from different backgrounds. 

We’d only suggest that you don’t get into too many Rangers v Celtic conversations – that’s all!

It has a thriving arts and cultural scene

And while we’re talking about culture, in a wider sense, it’s worth pointing out that the arts scene is thriving. 

Scottish culture offers so much more than just bagpipes, tartan and thistles – fantastic as those all are.  It’s home to the world’s festival capital, outstanding summer music events, blockbuster movie locations, breathtaking art and architecture and a captivating literary scene.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

So, if you’re thinking of visiting Scotland anytime soon – or even relocating there – we think it’s got an amazing amount to offer. 

Oh, and we forgot to say, it’s also home to the world’s tallest hedge…

Who could want more?