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Maisie’s Dream Unicorn

Maisie is our eldest daughter and she’s nearly 7 years old ? where has the time gone! All the parents out there will know how important it is to make the most of every day with your young children because before we know it, they will be teenagers ……. scary thought ?

Maisie has always loved snuggling up to her teddies in bed and taking them with her wherever she goes. Her bed has sometimes been that full of teddies that we couldn’t find her!

So when Petplan Equine got in touch, Maisie was really excited! They asked whether Maisie would like to draw her dream horse or unicorn for it to be magically turned into a soft toy ? It’s safe to say that Maisie jumped with joy at this opportunity!

As many children dreamt of having their very own horse when they were younger, I think this is a lovely idea that they’ve come up with. For all your horse owners out there, check out the Petplan Equine Horse Insurance!

The Drawing

Within minutes of telling Maisie that she had to draw her dream horse or unicorn, she got to work! We both had a look on Google images and I chose a few that I liked the look of but Maisie saw a unicorn that she fell in love with!

She used the photo as a guide but made the drawing her own. Maisie is really creative when it comes to drawing things so she really was in her element. It was lovely to see how excited she was that the drawing wasn’t going to get turned into her very own soft toy.

It took Maisie a few times to get the drawing just how she wanted it and then she began to colouring it in. Here is the finished masterpiece ….

The Soft Toy

It took a while for Maisie’s drawing to be turned into a lovely soft toy but the day finally came! Maisie was so excited to get her dream unicorn.

What makes this so special is that there’s no other soft toy like it in the whole world because it’s been made just for Maisie and she was well impressed by that! She’s named her unicorn Twinkle which is a delightful name!

Maisie takes her to bed and to most places she goes, she absolutely loves Twinkle. Here’s a photo of Maisie with her dream unicorn.

She’s even got her unicorn PJ’s on in this photo to match! ?

Here’s a photo of Maisie’s drawing next to a photo of the soft toy ….

Maisie even took Twinkle into school for show and tell. The other children were very impressed that her drawing had magically turned into a soft toy!

Maisie would like to say a huge thank you to Petplan Equine for creating her dream unicorn!

This posy has been possible thanks to Petplan Equine, but all thoughts are my own.