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Technology in the Business World

As time passes by, technology is becoming more accessible. The world is connected than it has ever been and  this has increased opportunities and made unlike partnership possible.  In fact, the world is going to a time when people that do not accustom themselves with technology advancements will not have a sustainable income.

The use of technology in the business has increased drastically over years.  A lot of Businesses use technology for manufacturing processes, maintain data flow, create interaction with customers, transportation, reduce cost, time of production etc. In the article we will talking about latest innovations gaining ground in the business sector.


Quantum computing uses quantum mechanical phenomenon to encode information as qubit which exist in superpositions. Quantum computing, however, is still at its infancy because a lot of business people still have some uncertainty about it, though, some businesses are actually taking advantage of it.

Businesses use quantum computing for advanced cryptography which ordinary computers wouldn’t do. With quantum computing business have a stronger security of of their digital assets. Furthermore, businesses use quantum computing for data analysis, to better simply huge amount of data into simple calculations. Other uses of quantum computing include

  • Forecasting
  • Pattern matching
  • Personalized medicine
  • Self-driving cars


Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) as surpassed being used for games alone. They are now widely used by businesses to create a better user experience for customers. Businesses might employ AR and VR in order to engage users with a brand and help them interact with their services as part of their product positioning strategy. Where this isn’t appropriate, however, businesses may wish to turn to a resource like this to help them figure out how to best position their product so that they can reach exactly who they want to and are seen exactly how they want to be seen by their target market.

Real estate industry now uses VR to allow client experience walkthrough of existing properties.

Car manufacturers use AR / VR when making prototypes.


Unmanned Aerial vehicles (UAV) commonly known as drones are creating new innovations in many industries. Whether they are used as drones for mapping, in media coverage, emergency services, videography, drones are capable of doing numerous fantastic things. We will see the use of drones in many industries.

  • Agriculture: Drones are equipped to spray pesticides, fertilizers, water on crops and to monitor and keep track of livestock ON FARMS
  • Filmmaking: Film makers use drones to take aerial shoot of locations in movies and documentaries
  • Delivery: Online store or food hubs use drones to delivery products to customers, although, there is a limit to the weight they can carry
  • Media: Media houses use drones to take live coverage of events and happenings.

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3D Printers are machines are used by to industries create physical objects from already designed 3-dimensoinal models without having to do mechanical works. 3D PRINTING as gone beyond prototyping; designing models for desired end products either for usability test or present to manufacturer, they are now used in bulking manufacturing processes for production of parts.

3D PRINTING HELPS BUSINESS reduces time of production and the cost of getting materials for manufacturing process.


Biometrics technology gives accesses using biological characteristics including fingerprint, facial features. Biometric is safe, convenient and secure and businesses now use them for various purposes including;

  • Keeping track of customers
  • Taking attendance of staff
  • Secure vaults
  • Keeping records of staff

Taking attendance of staff using biometric clocking in machines is something that is becoming more popular because it provides a high level of security against fraud.

Biometric systems may seem too advanced for some businesses at the moment, however, there are varying types of time and attendance software available on the market to suit different requirements.

Other technologies widely used in business include

Technology makes the worlds evolve, and any person or organization that cannot keep up with the pace would be left behind.