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How to Help Your Child with Science

You don’t have to be a science pro in order to encourage your youngster to learn at home; there are actually lots of ways parents can help their children engage with science outside of the classroom. Read on for some ideas and tips from a pre-prep school in Kensington.

There are lots of engaging and scientific activities you can engage in around your home, even with something as simple as a sink and a plastic bottle. Water play is great for young children because it allows them to explore liquid properties. You can experiment with different materials and see which ones sink, which ones float, which ones are water proof and which ones aren’t.

It’s likely that your child will be very curious about science-related incidents, like why does the moon change shape or why does ice melt. Make sure to value these questions and encourage your little one to shed some light on their own perspective. It’s great to explore the answers together rather than telling them straight away and ending the conversation. 

You don’t need materials and objects at home to explore science; you could head out and explore nature instead, even if it’s in your own garden. Of course, this depends on the weather, but it’s a good opportunity to encourage your child to think about what happens during the different seasons and what kinds of plants and animals they can see. Ask them about the weather and talk about where rain and snow comes from and the importance of the sun. Think about the trees and how they produce oxygen that we then breathe in. Science is all around us, as long as we open our eyes and look for it. The important thing is to let your child take the lead, otherwise they will just feel like they’re being lectured.