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Ways to keep your dog happy and healthy

Dogs can be incredible pets to have and offer companionship, affection and love to any owner who decides to take up the responsibility to care for one, or several, of these truly amazing animals. How can we keep our wonderful new friends happy though? How can we make sure that we are being the best dog owners that we can be? This article will explore, explain and show how we can do just that and help keep man’s best friend as safe, as loved and as happy as they can possibly be!

Dog Owners 7 Ways to Keep your Best Friend Happy

To keep our lovely friends happy, we must take some time to understand that taking on the role of dog ownership also comes with legal responsibilities and should not be taken lightly. Indeed, the average dog can live up to 13 years and many can, and do, live longer so this is a serious commitment.  

While every dog is different and has its own unique attributes, wants and needs, under the Animal Welfare Act, pet owners must make sure that their pet has:

1 – A suitable place to live

2 – A healthy diet, including fresh clean water

3 – The ability to behave normally 

4 – Appropriate company, including any need to be housed with, or apart from, other animals 

5 – Protection from pain, suffering, injury and disease

So taking our 5 key responsibilities, let’s look at how we can apply them to dog ownership and keep our pets as happy and healthy as possible!

Rule 1 – A place to live

It must be recognised that dogs are intelligent animals and as such they can get very bored very easily if they are not provided with enough avenues to stay engaged. Taking your dog outdoors on a consistent basis is a great way to keep them engaged and happy by giving them ample exercise, the opportunity to interact with other people and dogs. This can be achieved by taking them to the park to play fetch or just a simple walk around the block. 

When indoors, it is important so have some toys, dog beds and hiding places for them to keep themselves engaged and entertained when not outdoors. A good option for indoor toys are chewable dog treats which offer both a form of entertainment and healthy snack which can be purchased at https://healthy-chews.com.

Rule 2 – A healthy diet

A healthy dog will always need a healthy diet and making sure your dog has a good balanced diet will make sure they live long and happy lives. Research online for a suitable and nutritious food brand for your dog; something like Dr. Marty Nature’s Blend would be an especially good choice. If you are unsure what food would be good for your particular dog don’t guess! Don’t be afraid to ask your local vet and make sure that when you do feed your dog you supervise to make sure they are eating well and plenty of water is available. Feed your dog at least once a day and don’t be tempted to feed them your leftovers – they do not contain the nutrients a healthy dog needs, so stick to a low fat dog food and follow the recommended serving size.

Rule 3 – The ability to behave normally

All dogs are made different and it is important that when deciding to take up dog ownership that you seriously consider the right dog for you and your family. Dog size, weight, personality, needs and wants should all factor into your decision so that your dog has the ability to behave as naturally as they can in their new environment and with their new family and home. 

If you find that your dog’s behaviour has changed recently,please do visit the vet as it may mean that they are bored, stressed or even unwell. Pay close attention to your dog’s behaviour and interact with them as often as you can to keep them healthy. 

Rule 4 – Appropriate company

Dogs are incredibly social animals and interaction with other dogs as a puppy will make sure that your dog will interact appropriately with other dogs as they grow into adulthood. This can be achieved by consistent dog walks and getting them exposure to other dogs either through friends or joining dog owner groups. 

It is also important that your dog does not get hung up on human interaction only as they may become stressed when left alone. To manage this, in addition to looking into things like the best CBD oil for dogs, which could help them stay calm and relaxed in general, it is important to gradually increase the time you spend apart and introduce a close activity, such as a dog walk or meal time, before leaving the dog for some time but always leave them with something to keep them entertained. A toy or a treat will do and many can be found at https://healthy-chews.com.

Rule 5 – Protection from pain, suffering, injury and disease

Our final rule is our most important. As a dog owner, it is your responsibility to protect your dog from pain, suffering, injury, and disease and it is important that you look out for signs that may indicate that your dog is unwell. You can find advice on moderndogmagazine.com regarding what you can give your dog if he/she is in pain.

If you notice any change in your dog’s behaviour then it could be an indication that all is not well and a visit to the vet should be put into the diary. If you are concerned about possible vet bills, then pet insurance could offer you piece of mind. Also, learn from a vet if you are a new dog owner or new to the breed, for what you should look out for physically to indicate any potential problems or issues. This will prevent things from escalating and you will be well on the way to making sure you have a healthy and happy dog.