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CBD Vape – is it safe?

Cannabis Eliquid – 101

CBD vape is one of the newer methods of taking the cannabinoid. Vaping itself has only been mainstream for a decade or so and the CBD vape option is even newer. 

Due to the fact that vaporizing CBD is a new method, you might be concerned about the safety of it. Especially with vaping getting such a bad rap in the news lately. In this blog, we will explain what CBD vape is made of, how you use it and how to make sure it is safe.

What is in your CBD vape juice?

CBD e-juice juice is designed to go in your vaporizer. It is not meant to be used in the same way you might use the oil drops. This is because eliquid is made from water soluble products, where as oil is essentially oil – a fat. Fats are not soluble in water. So if you can imagine inhaling an oily fatty substance, it is next to impossible for your lungs to clean themselves. This can lead to all manner of illness and is why it’s imperative when looking for a vapable CBD, it is made from eliquid.

CBD vape juice contains a few core ingredients. You will find, Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG), CBD extract and flavourings. CBD e-liquid will not contain nicotine as nicotine degrades the cannabinoid. 

The cannabinoid comes in various forms. Either full-spectrum, broad-spectrum or isolate.

Full-spectrum maintains CBD terpenes and a trace amount of THC. Broad-spectrum maintains the terpenes from the plant, however, all traces of THC are extracted. CBD isolate just contains CBD and no terpenes.

How do you vape CBD?

In order to vape CBD you will need a special device to vaporize e-liquids. We advise that you use an ecig starter kit or pod device, this is because CBD e-liquid is high in PG. Those eliquids with a high level of PG are runnier, which means it can be more likely in a higher powered vape kit, with their larger tanks. 

Once you have filled your device with quality CBD eliquid you will then be ready to go. This is in fact the beauty of vapable Cannabis, is that they work so well with affordable electronic cigarette pens.

Should I try it?

Vaping CBD is the most bioavailable way to enjoy the effects. This means that it enters your bloodstream faster than other methods. You might find this preferable if you are suffering from pain, anxiety, sleep issues, inflammation or anything else which you’d like fast relief from. 

Stay safe when you vape cannabinoids

You might have heard in the news that people have developed a mysterious lung disease from vaping. However, there is more to this story. Those with the disease have been vaping THC oil. THC oil is not the same as CBD e-liquid. 

Oil is not designed to be inhaled. It is not soluble in water and therefore gets trapped in the lungs. This can cause something called lipoid pneumonia. Lipoid pneumonia can be fatal. Just as we mentioned earlier in the blog post. And while you do see some refer to vape juice as ‘vape oils’ it is a fundamental inaccuracy.

In order to stay safe when you use your CBD vape follow these tips:- Make sure you only put CBD e-liquid in your device- Never fill it with CBD oil or any other kind of oil- Always buy your products from a company which provides the certificate of analysis or has review backed products- Seek doctor’s advice when considering vaping during pregnancy