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Wedding Gift Traditions

Love is universal, which is why every culture in the world has a marriage celebration. Some wedding traditions date back centuries whereas others are just beginning – but all celebrations share a common thread: the act of celebrating matrimony through the act of giving. 

No matter where you are in the world, if you’ve been invited to a wedding, you should plan to bring a gift along (or send it over ahead of time through an online registry!) Money is widely recognized as a practical and acceptable gift, but if currency and coins seems too impersonal for you, how about gifting something that is rich in tradition instead?  

Perfume is a rite of passage for brides in Sudan, because it is customary that only married women wear perfume. A few days before the wedding, the close family of the bride get together for a mixing ceremony, where they prepare homemade perfume for the bride to wear the day of her wedding. 

Bridal trousseau’s were an old french tradition when brides brought an ornate armoire full of family treasures into their new marriage. The armoire’s were typically filled with heirlooms, linens, and lingerie. While this custom is no longer prevalent today in French culture, the act of giving linens is still an appropriate alternative to cash. 

To discover more wedding gift traditions from countries across the globe, check out our animated visual from Zola below. 

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10 Wedding Gift Traditions From Around the World