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Exposing some bridling workout myths and endorsing one entirely true one!

  • People work out to lose weight

It may come as a shock how many people still consider exercise to be part of weight loss regimens alone. Whilst, a consistent workout routine – comprising largely of cardio workouts – is beneficial towards achieving weight loss; the concept of working out isn’t as narrow as one might think.

Cardio carries several benefits apart from burning fat and calories; such as, making the heart stronger and elevating lung capacity. It also helps reduce risk of many health problems. Itis, therefore, important to incorporate cardio into your life in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The amount of cardio you should do depends upon your body type and fitness goals. One must always be aware of their fitness needs and wants and fashion a workout routine accordingly.

  • Your workout routine should last up to 30 minutes or longer

Surprising as it may seem, exercising doesn’t have to be a big thing! If your fitness goals aren’t extreme, there is no need foran elaborate workout routine. You can simply incorporate easy 5-10-minute exercises that can be done any time in the day you feel up to it! Researchers at the National Cancer Institute and the National Institutes of Health have found that, moderate to vigorous activity, conducted over simply even a short amount of time, “counts” as material contribution towards a healthier lifestyle. So, don’t abandon working out simply because you can’t make time for the gym or a proper routine!

  • There’s a 30-minute post workout window, within which, you must consume your necessitated protein for maximum muscle gain.

As much as we’ve read this all too important muscle mass gaining tip everywhere, it might come as a shock to find out that the reason behind every serious body builder religiously chugging a protein shake/cramming protein within 30 mins post workout is actually a sham!

An existing study from Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition shows that there is no evidence to support that consuming protein timely after resistance training leads to an increase in lean muscle mass. The study also verified that overall protein consumption holds more importance than protein consumption immediately post-workout. This means that you can still think about reading some Proplant Complete Shake reviews, just don’t think it’s wasted if you take it an hour after a workout.

  • Cute outfits significantly increase motivation to work out!

Our appearance has a lot to do with how we perform in life. This is why we have separate compartments of clothing for going out and staying in! When we go out, we aim to look put together and ready to get things done. When we’re at home our aim is to kick back in the most comfortable and low maintenance clothing we can find! Another reason why uniforms were created was so people could associate the outfit with the work; so that, every time they’d put it on, they’d be in the relevant state of mind.

Consequently, it’s important to always have a special compartment of work out clothes! Working out is nothing short of a feat and you need the right clothes to get you going! Simply having a bunch of workout clothes isn’t enough though, the more and cuter, the better! Now a days, people love their workout attire so much, they often wear it even when they’re not heading to the gym!

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